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Best Quick & Easy Free Crochet Patterns to make as Christmas Holiday Gifts & Stocking Stuffers!

Best Quick & Easy Free Crochet Patterns to make as Christmas Holiday Gifts & Stocking Stuffers! Can you believe that the holiday season is just right around the corner?  In light of this gift-giving time, here are my top FREE patterns that are quick and easy to whip up as last-minute handmade gifts!

    These patterns are...

    • Quick projects, so they're fantastic as last-minute makes.
    • Easy! Most are for beginners or familiar beginners. 
    • Great for gifting and party favors
    • Great for Fall, Autumn, or Winter craft fairs 

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    If you're looking for some quick and easy makes for year-round gifting or stocking at craft fairs, check out my Free Pattern Roundup for Craft Fairs

    Now without further ado, let's check out this roundup below!  Click on the pattern name or photo to go straight to the pattern page.  Happy crocheting!

    Best Free Amigurumi & Crochet Patterns that are Quick & Easy to make for the Christmas Holiday Season!

    (2022 edition)

    Chibi Christmas Snowman

    The Chibi Christmas Snowman is crocheted seamlessly without sewing! You only need to embroider a cute carrot nose and branch arms in the end. This little guy makes a great stocking stuffer or Christmas tree ornament! Comes with a full video tutorial as well.

    Christmas Kitty

    This Christmas Kitty makes an adorable ornament for your tree! It's also a sweet stocking stuffer.

    Velvet Fur Stocking

    The Velvet Fur Stocking is crocheted in one piece and looks super luxurious in chenille velvet yarn and faux fur! They are perfect to hang on the fireplace mantle and can be made with different color combinations as unique stockings for each family member.

    Mini Christmas Stocking

    Want to make a small one instead? The Mini Christmas Stocking is the perfect gift card holder! It's also made in one piece, and it comes with a full video tutorial. 

    This sweet and jolly Christmas Elf doll will surely bring a smile to your giftee's face! She makes the perfect, little stocking stuffer. 

    Winter Explorer Doll

    This sweet Winter Explorer Doll looks adorable in her fur-lined hood and matching dress! 

    Snowflake Queen

    The Snowflake Queen is a sweet little Christmas fairy with wings and a tiara.  She's simply magical!

    Angel Pixie

    The Angel Pixie is a lovely Christmas angel doll that can be made for this festive holiday. It can also be a great gift for someone who is your guardian angel!

    Ornament Bear

    The Ornament Bear is a sweet Christmas tree ornament that can easily be customized with sewing details, added embellishments, and different yarn color combinations.

    Tiny Baby Snowman

    The Tiny Baby Snowman is the most adorable little stocking stuffer! The only sewing required are for the embroidered details like its little carrot nose and arms.  He makes a great ornament for the Christmas tree and also as last-minute party favors.

    Peyton the Polar Bear

    Peyton the Polar Bear is a sweet and classic teddy that is very beginner-friendly and easy to work up with basic amigurumi stitches. 

    Christmas Mouse

    This sweet Christmas Mouse wears a Santa hat and matching scarf. It makes a lovely ornament, keychain, or small stuffie for little ones. 

    Pocket Penguin

    This little baby penguin pattern is completely no-sew! It works up quickly and looks so cute. 

    Briar Blue Beanie

    The Briar Blue Beanie works up quickly with yarn held doubled.  You can take advantage of using two strands of yarn by creating a "heathered" look with two different shades.  

    Hooded Timber Wolf Scarf

    The Hooded Timber Wolf Scarf not only keeps heads warm, but necks and hands warm too! Make it quickly with super bulky, Go for Faux yarn and your recipient will love how luxuriously soft it is!

    Fluffy Hooded Bear Cowl

    Can't decide between a hat or a cowl? Try the Fluffy Hooded Bear Cowl, which even comes with ears for added cuteness! Your giftee will love how soft it feels using Go for Faux yarn.

    Gold Luxe Cowl

    This super easy and plush Gold Luxe Cowl will surely please! Both the "right" and "wrong" sides feature beautiful textures, with the "right" side looking like knit stitches and the "wrong" side looking like seed stitches.

    Sock to Sack

    Upcycle old, unwanted, lonely, sentimental (like newborn or baby!) socks with a crochet touch!  This quick and easy DIY pouch/coin bag uses just yarn scraps and works up in less than 15 minutes.  You even turn it into a special Memorial gift using the socks of a loved one who has passed.  It would certainly make a very meaningful holiday gift!

    Worry Pet

    This is probably the fastest and easiest little amigurumi you can make!  If you need a true "last minute gift" that will work up in minutes, you can crochet the Worry Pet, which is a hit with kids!  Make it extra cute by attaching a little adoption certificate to the gift. Children will love taking this "buddy" with them everywhere. 

    (The Worry Pet is actually a therapy tool to help children with special needs and/or autism by decreasing their anxiety or meeting their sensory needs. However, they can also be great for any child to have imaginative play with!)

    Swaddle Babies

    The Swaddle Babies make great stocking stuffers. This no-sew project features a sweet baby doll with a bonnet.

    Knit-Look Headband

    The Knit-Look Headband is a trendy accessory that makes a great handmade gift.  These are excellent sellers at craft fairs and markets too!  

    The Fawn Bonnet

    This sweet Fawn Bonnet will make your little one look like a precious reindeer!

    Jade Pool Scarf

    If your gift recipient lives in a warmer climate during the winter, you can crochet the Jade Pool Scarf for them!  It is a lightweight scarf that is pretty, delicate, and feminine. It looks especially stunning with variegated yarn, such as Shawl in a Ball yarn.

    Kana the Wanderer's Cowl

    Kana the Wanderer's Cowl is another easy cowl to make, and it can be quickly whipped up with a large hook and medium weight yarn held doubled!

    Northwest Cup Coaster & Cozy

    Do you know a coffee or tea lover who'd love this Northwest Cup Coaster & Cozy gift set? Both the quick and beginner-friendly coffee sleeve (cup cozy) and mug rug (cup coaster) come with not only written instructions but video tutorials as well!

    Faux Knit Coffee Sleeve

    Here's another coffee sleeve, called the Faux Knit Coffee Sleeve.  It's crocheted completely in one piece and only takes 15 minutes to make! You can even cinch the center up into a cute and trendy bow shape if you'd like. This written pattern comes with a full video tutorial as well, and don't forget to check out my free Coffee Cup printables for easy gifting too!

    Floral Mug Rug

    If you want a fancier mug rug to give, try the Floral Mug Rug. This is a super quick pattern and you can use different color combinations to make a fun set! Video tutorial available.

    Mini Fair Isle Sweater

    The Mini Fair Isle Sweater is so cute and fast to work up. It makes a great Christmas tree ornament, "gift tag" for packaging, keychain, and even as party favors!  You can make it in your recipient's favorite colors.

    Sage Phone Pouch

    Everyone has mobile phones these days, so why not make a cute cozy as a gift? Customize the Sage Phone Pouch with your recipient's favorite color(s), and you can embellish it with appliques, buttons, and more!

    Tea Rose Spa Set

    Give your recipient the gift of self-care with the Tea Rose Spa Set. This set includes face scrubbies, facial washcloth, bath pouf, and soap saver pouch! It's an eco-friendly collection that will provide a lovely, in-home spa experience. Video tutorials are available for each piece in this set!

    Floral Face Scrubbies

    Want a more lacy and delicate-looking face scrubby?  Try this style!  The Floral Face Scrubby pattern is free on my blog and also available as a video tutorial on my YouTube channel. 

    Lola Hair Clip

    The Lola Hair Clip comes in two different styles for the edging (a lacy trim and a neat trim) as well as two flower appliques to choose from! It's quick, easy, and perfect for busting yarn scraps. Comes with a free video tutorial. 

    Knit Stitch Basket

    The Knit Stitch Basket is not only functional, but can serve as a lovely way to hold your crocheted gifts to your recipient! Make it a spectacular gift set with the Tea Rose Spa set (above) with some soap and body wash, or fill it with some holiday treats!

    Teardrop Hanging Basket

    Or, if you're looking to just make a smaller set of items, such as face scrubbies, this Teardrop Hanging Basket can be the perfect way for your giftee to store those scrubbies in the bathroom! A full video tutorial is available for this basket!

    Petite Floral Dreamcatcher

    This beautiful Petite Floral Dreamcatcher is so fun to crochet with different yarn color combinations and beads that you can customize for your recipient.  They'll be reminded of your thoughtful talent each time they look at this beautiful dreamcatcher.  This home decor piece can also be turned into a bunting or wall hanging.

    Mint Spirit Earrings

    These quick and simple Mint Spirit Earrings can be easily customized with different colors, beads, and tassel lengths for your recipient! A video tutorial is available for this project.

    Cake Gift Box

    This Cake Gift Box is perfect for holding tiny treasures to give for the holidays, such as a bracelet, necklace, or little sweets!

    Amigurumi Desserts

    Instead of actual sweets, how about ones that last forever? If your recipient loves kawaii ("cute") things, they'll surely adore these yummy treats. There are three different patterns here to choose from:

    Video tutorials are available for the unicorn macarons.

    Catnap Kitties

    These cute no-sew Catnap Kitties make colorful gift sets for toddlers and young children.  These kitties come in their own little beds, and are a lot of fun to play with for little ones. They also make great key chains! A video tutorial is available for this pattern.

    More variations of this design are available in the Mini Crochet Dolls roundup!  

    If you're interested in additional small amigurumi dolls, check out the Sitting Dolls Collection.  These make great keychains, ornaments, and stocking stuffers! 

    Mosu Bag

    The Mosu Bag is a Japanese Knot Bag that works up quickly and easily in one piece.  It's a suitable gift for your minimalist friends who could use a functional pouch! 



    This adorable Tiny-Rex plushie is worked completely in one piece.  No-sew projects are always a favorite if you're trying to rush making some last-minute gifts!  This dinosaur makes a great keychain, ornament, and stocking stuffer.

    Octopus Squish

    The Octopus Squish is another quick and easy stocking stuffer that also requires no sewing.  A full video tutorial is available!  This project takes about 20 minutes to make.  

    If you want an even smaller and faster octopus, try my free Baby Octopus pattern (also includes video tutorial), which takes only 10 minutes!  You can make it gift-worthy with the free Valentine's Day gift tags printable, which matches the octopus theme.

    The Flipper Friends is a 3-in-1 pattern that includes instructions for crocheting a pocket whale, narwhal, and dolphin! These underwater sea critters are crocheted in one piece (no-sew) and come with a free video tutorial.

    Pocket Chicken Family

    The Pocket Chicken Family is a 3-in-1 pattern that includes a mother hen, baby chick, and their cozy nest. All three are crocheted in one piece (no-sew).  The chickens are available as a free video tutorial.

    Good Luck Duck

    The Good Luck Duck is a pocket duckling pattern that is no-sew and works up very quickly!  A full, step-by-step video tutorial is available for this free pattern.

    This little baby penguin pattern is completely no-sew! It works up quickly and looks so cute. 

    A baby axolotl will melt anyone's heart! This no-sew pattern is quick and easy to work up, and can be made with different fibers/yarn weights to produce different sizes! 

    This sweet dragon doll is a great gift for dragon lovers and fantasy enthusiasts! 

    Pocket People

    The Pocket People pattern is a no-sew doll that works up very quickly! They are easily customizable and can be made into "mini me" dolls. They have some head and hat accessories to choose from, including pigtails, a bonnet hood, and a baseball cap.

    Mosaic Goldfish

    The Mosaic Goldfish pattern features a colorful no-sew fish with 4 different scale designs to choose from! This versatile and fun pattern offers a lot of customization options with yarn color combinations.

    Pocket Kitty Cat

    This adorable kitty cat pattern has a bow and collar! It comes with a free Youtube video tutorial.

    This wee mouse is so sweet and small! Looks great in blanket yarn or in thinner cotton/acrylic yarns.

    This adorable little frog is no-sew and quick and easy to work up! It uses yarn color changes on its belly, making it a dual-toned doll.

    Granny Square Chicken

    The Granny Square Chicken is created from two granny squares, and makes a great ornament or doubles up as a lovely scent sachet too! Just add a small pouch of lavender inside and a hanging loop on its crown at the end. 

    Hope you will enjoy these patterns!  If you have other ideas for crochet items of this theme, let me know in the comment section below!  

    Warm wishes,