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4 Playdate Outfits Your Kids Will Love

It’s no secret that kids absolutely love playdates. As the parent, you can have just as much fun planning all their playdate outfits. There’s something different about kids’ clothes; the smaller size just makes them so much more fun to style and create cute little outfits. Today, we’re going to tell you about four playdates outfits that not only your kids will love, but you will, too. From shine leggings to overalls to gingham dresses, you can recreate these outfits with whatever clothing items your little one already has in their wardrobe. To get inspired about how to keep your kiddo stylish and comfortable, keep on reading.


1. Splatter Outfit for Art Playdates

If you have a creative child, then this first outfit will be perfect for them! The first playdate outfit idea we have for you today is a splatter outfit. By splatter outfit, we mean clothing pieces that have a cute paint splatter pattern. Not only does the splatter pattern look stylish, but it’s also helpful in concealing when your kid actually does spill some paint or accidentally gets some marker on their clothes. The best color option for clothes with a splatter pattern is black (like the leggings on the girl in the photo). When you have a black base and a color paint splatter on top, not only will it fully conceal any creative spills that might happen, but the contrast also looks so stunning. Your little one will feel super creative with these splatter leggings on. Not only that, but they’ll also be comfortable. We know that this is an important factor because, firstly, no one wants their child to be uncomfortable in their clothes on a playdate, and secondly, any kid’s mood can quickly turn sour if they’re feeling physically uncomfortable. Go with some soft clothing items in a paint splatter pattern to create the cutest art playdate outfit that your kid will love.

2. Overalls for Outdoor Playdates

Does your kiddo have a green thumb or just like playing outdoors? If so, then you get the fun opportunity of turning some denim overalls into an outdoor playdate outfit! Denim overalls can give your child a cute farmer’s vibe, and they’re also super convenient. To make an outfit with denim overalls, all you have to do is pick a top, slip the denim overalls on, strap on some kids’ sneakers, and voila! You have the perfect outdoor playdate outfit for your little one. If your kid likes to run around and get messy, make sure to get overalls that are made out of thicker material. If you opt for overalls that are on the cheaper side, they might rip when your kid decides to take a tumble through the grass or when they go head first down a slide on the playground. Before sending them on their outdoor playdate, make sure to strap or tie on their shoes nice and tight! They’ll have the time of their life running around in their overalls and having a blast.

3. Shimmer Outfit for Dress Up

This outfit is for all the dress up lovers out there (we mean your kids, but we bet that you probably have fun playing dress up with your kiddo, too!). For the perfect dress up playdate outfit, get some shimmery, pastel pieces and throw them all together. You don’t have to put too much effort into this outfit, since your kid will probably put a tutu and princess top over their outfit anyway during dress up, but the point is to get them in the right mood for their playdate. Additionally, a pastel rainbow outfit is a great base for some fun, colorful dress up. To really make the outfit as shimmery and dress-up-ready as possible, look into getting a pair of shine leggings. Shine leggings have just the right amount of sparkle weaved into the fabric, so they sparkle and shimmer beautifully. Trust us; your kiddo will never want to take off their pair of shine leggings once they put them on!

4. Gingham Dress for Tea Party Playdate

The final outfit we have for you today has been crafted with tea party playdates in mind. For this outfit, you’ll need a kids’ gingham dress. The most kid-friendly dresses are the ones that include shorts underneath the skirt. Try to find a dress that has shorts underneath so your child can be as comfortable as possible. A dress is a great idea for a tea party playdate because chances are, they won’t be running and tumbling around; rather, they’ll be sitting poshly around a table with their stuffed animals, sipping on some apple juice. Kids love having a tea party playdate, and you can love dressing them up for one just as much.


We hope this article has inspired you to be creative in how you make outfits for your kids. Remember to always let their personality shine through, and as long as you do that, they’ll love what they're wearing. We can’t wait to see the cute outfits you piece together!