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Amigurumis in 20 minutes or less!

If you're looking for quick and easy crochet projects that you can whip up as instant gratification, you've come to the right place! 

Here's my FREE pattern roundup of my speedy amigurumi designs that take 20 minutes or less to work up! I have the roundup broken down by time categories, so you can find a variety of amigurumi made in 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and 20 minutes! 

They work great as keychains, ornaments, or standalone stuffies. You can use them as quick projects in-between larger ones, stashbusters (great for using up yarn scraps), Valentine's Day class party favors, Easter egg stuffers, Christmas stocking stuffers, and more.  

Don't forget to save to your Pinterest crochet board for later~ 


There's a lot you can do with these fast, mini stuffies. Here are a few ideas! 
  • Last-minute gifts 
  • Stocking stuffers 
  • Class Valentine's Day presents
  • Non-candy Easter egg stuffers 
  • Claw machine prizes 
  • Craft fair stock
  • Backpack or purse accessories 

Adjusting a pattern for size

A quick note about sizing. If the finished size for one pattern comes out larger than you want, and the recommended yarn is thick, you can use the same pattern but with thinner yarns and a smaller hook to have a smaller end result. The main thing is to make sure you are using a suitable hook with your yarn that allows you to crochet tightly enough, so that gaps do not appear between the stitches.  Most of my patterns below are designed with super bulky (weight 6) plush yarn, and if you feel like the finished size is too large, you can follow the exact same pattern instructions using thinner yarns, such as medium (weight 4) yarn. Some of my favorite choices for medium weight yarn include: Lion Brand Heartland (100% acrylic and has many natural, earthy shades), Lion Brand's 24/7 Cotton Yarn (100% cotton that produces beautiful stitch definition), and Brava Worsted (100% acrylic, sturdy, and pretty good bang for your buck!)

New designs to come

This list is going to keep growing as I design more FAST amigurumi projects! I will be sure to add to it as they come.  Meanwhile, I'm also taking ideas on what you'd love to see. You can keep in touch with me through my mailing list by letting me know what you'd like me to design next! 

More Roundups

Here are some more free pattern roundups that you might be interested in! 
Without further ado, let's check out the roundup of free patterns below!

Free Pattern Roundup: Amigurumis in 20 min or less!

This roundup is broken up into three segments: projects that can be made in 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and 20 minutes! Click on the pattern name or picture to navigate to the pattern page. Happy crocheting!

10 Minute Patterns

10-minute Baby Birds

These baby birds are no-sew and made in just 10 minutes! You can easily adjust the colors of this pattern to make a mallard duck, chicken, dove, or more. 

10-minute Baby Octopus

This baby octopus pattern is no-sew, whipped up in just 10 minutes, and comes with free printable Valentine's Day tags. There's also a full video tutorial available!  

15 Minute Patterns

15-minute Bunny

This bunny rabbit is no-sew and made in just 15 minutes! It has a cute, little cottontail, and comes with a full video tutorial.

20-Minute Patterns

20-minute Panda Bear

This adorable panda bear is no-sew, takes only 20 minutes to work up, and comes with a full video tutorial.

Bunny Puff

This adorable little "bunny puff" reminds me of a marshmallow or one of those really squishy Easter peeps! It's no-sew and comes with a full video tutorial.

Candy Fish

These "Candy Fish" are colorful no-sew fishies that can be easily customized to create different lengths and scale designs. The shorter fish can be crocheted in less than 20 mins! These make great keychains. 

Stay tuned for more to come!

Hope you will enjoy these patterns!  If you'd like to show your appreciation, I invite you to check out 5 Ways to Support my Blog.  Thank you so much for helping me keep this site running with free patterns!  

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