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Increasing wellness: How to incorporate hemp products into your daily routine

Much has been said about the beneficial effects of hemp on the human body. The seeds are rich in fiber and protein, as well as fatty acids, so they help the skin, joints and heart. Hemp is also rich in vitamins, including B-6, and numerous minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and folate. Zinc and iron, both of which protect your health and are essential for a well-functioning immune system, are also found in hemp. If you want to incorporate this healthful product into your daily routine, you’ll be pleased to find out that you won’t need to change much. In fact, all you need to do is add it to some of the things you were already doing.


Edibles, as well as capsules and tinctures, are some of the most popular ways to consume hemp. The tinctures are generally packaged in glass bottles that come equipped with a dropper. Just a little is enough to help you relax and have a restful night’s sleep. Edibles are an excellent option if you prefer a delayed effect, as it takes much longer for the effects to kick in. Add to that the fact that the flavors are generally very pleasant, so you get to eat something delicious and become relaxed as well.

Morning routine

Taking small doses of a hemp-based product in the morning can have a stimulating effect and give you a boost of energy to start your day well. If you’re not convinced about the quality of the products you can buy in-store, you can grow your own plants from autoflowering cannabis seeds. The Banana Jealousy hybrid variety is suitable for beginners who are not familiar with growing the plants since the strain is resilient and adapts well to any environment. Gelato 41 BX is similarly easy to grow and has high yields.

You can also find toothpaste containing cannabis or CBD. Some of the benefits associated with the product are that it reduces inflammation and the incidence of gum disease, restores the natural pH balance and fights tooth sensitivity.


Hemp is also a versatile ingredient that can be successfully incorporated into many types of dishes, both sweet and savory. That way, you can consume it throughout the day, in food dishes or snacks. You can simply sprinkle some seeds on top of side dishes or salads. They can also be used as a coating for chicken or fish. Add some to a morning yogurt bowl alongside fruit, honey or agave, date or maple syrup for a filling but light breakfast. Baked goods and bites can also get hemp incorporated in them, as can burgers in order to boost the protein content.

You can add some hemp oil to sauces and soups and hemp milk to smoothies alongside drinks and fruit. There are many different types of seeds that you can try on Seedsman. The most important thing is to figure out what you need so you can find the best product for you.


Since hemp has well-known anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural ingredient in skincare products. Many of the products that use hemp as a main ingredient are also vegan and cruelty-free, so they’re in line with ethical standards. Since the seed oil is high in omega acids, it strengthens the skin barrier and traps the moisture inside. The oil acts as a humectant, getting moisture into the skin. It has anti-aging properties through its ability to reduce oxidative stress and strengthen the cells, stimulating regeneration and improving elasticity.

If you’re dealing with breakouts, hemp seed oil can help as well by regulating sebum production. Its antimicrobial properties keep bacteria away and limit the incidence and duration of breakouts. Hemp reduces redness and can minimize scarring if used consistently. Hemp seed extract, root and seed oil can also be incorporated into skincare products for the more sensitive areas like the eyes, neck or lips due to their healing and therapeutic properties.

Night routine

If you don’t need help getting ready in the morning and are already an early bird, you might feel more comfortable incorporating hemp into your nighttime routine. Experts recommend having a wind-down period for at least half an hour before getting into bed to ensure optimal rest. Turning off the lights and shutting off screens are the essential steps. Practicing some meditation, mindfulness and deep breathing exercises can also help you relax and unwind after a long day. Hemp promotes more relaxing sleep so that you can wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed.

You can get some gummies before bed, but make sure to eat them approximately one hour before bed so the effect can really kick in. Tinctures should be held under the tongue for at least thirty seconds, while capsules have more or less the same absorption rate as gummies and edibles. Lotions and gels work as well, and you can use them to get a lymphatic drainage massage before bed. Topicals are also perfect after activity or exercise, as they relax tight muscles.

Hemp or CBD-infused bath bombs are ideal for a self-care evening when you want to pamper yourself a bit. They can alleviate chronic pain and ease anxiety symptoms. Most bath bombs contain additional ingredients that promote relaxation and wellness, such as lavender, eucalyptus or coconut oil, as well as citric acid and Hawaiian black salt.

As part of the wearable beauty trend, you can also look into pajamas or leggings that are infused with CBD and promise a restful night’s sleep. Although it might sound like a marketing gimmick, a 2017 study revealed that aromatherapeutic textiles support the creation of a bond between psychological and physical comfort levels.

If you want to improve your daily wellness routine, it might be helpful to give hemp a chance. While it was indeed touted as a sort of magical panacea, research shows that its benefits are real and can help everyone, from people dealing with chronic diseases or pain to those who just want to escape daily stress and chaos.