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How To Use Dumpster Service During Basement Waterproofing?

If you are thinking of basement waterproofing, managing waste can be a big challenge, as you may have heaps of debris generated from your home improvement work. In this case, your regular trash pickup bins are not sufficient. So, dumpster service will come in handy to dispose of waste efficiently. With strict waste management guidelines in place, you must be careful while disposing of waste to keep you safe from fines.

When Should You Consider Waterproofing Your Basement?

When your basement floods or experiences water damage, many things happen, such as damaged belongings, mold issues, insect ingestion, or increased energy consumption.

In this case, you should consider waterproofing your basement with the help of certified experts.

Some of the signs that require intervention for basement waterproofing are as follows:

Flooded basement

The major signs that your basement needs waterproofing are flooding and consistent water intrusion. Not only do heavy floods affect your basement conditions, but small puddles are also responsible for moisture problems.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Another visible sign that your basement needs waterproofing is black patches of mold on the walls. Mold disrupts your home's structural integrity and also causes serious breathing problems and fungal infections, so you must hire contractors to get rid of it and waterproof your basement effectively.

Bouncy walls

If the soil around your home is saturated with water, hydrostatic pressure pushes water into your basement walls inwards, leading to uneven floors. So check your basement alignment after heavy rain or snowmelt and implement waterproofing techniques.

Foundation cracks

Foundation cracks and holes are major signs of water damage in your basement. Various factors associated with water, such as seasonal rainfall, soil moisture, and snowmelt, may be the reasons for crack formation in your foundation. But you should treat all cracks and holes immediately as they could bring greater problems to your home in the future.

Pest infestation

You may not consider pest infestation in your basement a problem related to waterproofing, but they are associated. Pests flourish well in moist and dark basements and bring health issues to your living area. So, to avoid pets from crawling into your home, opt for basement waterproofing techniques relevant to your home.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basements are prone to moisture issues, but we don't wish to experience them, as water damages homes and compromises their stability.

Let's explore some of the pros of basement waterproofing at your home and call for professional assistance in order to reap all the benefits as stated below.
  • A waterproof basement protects all your belongings from moisture issues.
  • When you use interior waterproofing techniques like a sump pump or french drain installation, you successfully reduce the risk of flooding in the future.
  • A moist basement is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. So, you can reduce the risk of flying mold spores into your living area with no compromise on your family's health.
  • You can save your home from insects and bugs intrusion into your home. Basement waterproofing involves the use of pest control techniques, which make it difficult for insects to breed.
  • Basement waterproofing strengthens your home's foundation by sealing cracks and holes and fixing all the issues that could threaten it. A dry basement makes your home more attractive to future homeowners and thus increases its value.
  • After basement waterproofing, your electricity bills will also be lower, as your heating and cooling units will not have to work hard to maintain a pleasant room temperature.

How to Properly Dispose of Waste in Your Dumpster Rental?

Rental dumpsters are excellent options if you have a lot of waste that can't be handled easily by your regular trash bins. But that doesn't mean that you can dump any kind of garbage in your huge dumpsters.

Below is a list of the things that you can put and some materials that you should avoid throwing in your dumpster rentals in order to throw waste responsibly:

These are the things that you can throw on rental dumpsters:

  • Household waste
  • Wooden furniture
  • Electronic items
  • Waste from garden
  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Home improvement waste

But never dispose of materials like:

  • Non-alkaline batteries (car, computer, lithium-ion, rechargeable)
  • Flammable materials (gasoline, oil, fuel)
  • Medical wastes (Expired medicines, needles, sharps, blood bags, animal parts)
  • Hazardous items
  • Household cleaning products (Laundry or dish detergents)
  • Inks and resins
  • Unused paint and paint thinners
  • Tires

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Dumpster Service?

Dumpster rentals are available for multiple purposes, and their types range are as follows:
  • Roll-off dumpsters
  • Front-load dumpsters
  • Rear-load dumpsters
  • Contractor dumpsters
  • Recycling dumpsters

Each type of dumpster has some benefits and drawbacks, so you must understand them before hiring one. Overall, hiring a dumpster service has the following benefits and drawbacks, whatever the type.


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Ideal for long-term projects
  • Safe option
  • Environmentally friendly

  • You need to load waste yourself.
  • Location affects dumpster sizes.

What are the Safety Measures That You Can Follow While Using Dumpster Rentals?

Safety must be your top priority. Incorrectly using dumpster rentals for waste disposal can be dangerous. Follow these guidelines to ensure smooth dumpster use and enhanced protection.
  • Always park the dumpster rentals in a safe location: Ensure that your dumpsters are positioned well on a flat area with ample space on all sides to allow smooth pickup and delivery. Do not place dumpsters in restricted areas, and rent the sizes according to space availability at your home.
  • Never overload dumpsters: Do not overfill your dumpster to avoid spillovers, accidents, or property damage when riding dumpsters down the road. Moreover, when you fill dumpsters beyond their limitations, you will be charged with additional fines.
  • Be mindful of hazardous items. Do not mix toxic materials with your regular waste. Follow the local and state guidelines to dispose of hazardous items and avoid hefty fines.
  • Keep your dumpster away from sources of heat: As your dumpsters have waste like newspaper, cardboard, and wooden furniture, they can easily catch on fire. So, never keep them in areas that have the possibility of bursting into flames when they come in contact with substances like cigarette butts, matchsticks, or lighters.