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Post-Op Comfort: The Benefits of Compression Garments After Breast Surgery

Compression garments are highly recommended by breast surgeons, so patients achieve the best possible results. Procedures like breast augmentations, reductions, and lifts often result in critical complications like fluid buildup or inflammation. Wearing snug-fitting garments provides support and makes you feel better during healing.

How Compression Garments Help Post-Surgery

Reduces Swelling - A compression garment's snug fit and gentle pressure prevent excessive fluid buildup and inflammation, alleviating pain and tenderness.

Supports Breast Shape - The light compression helps maintain the contoured shape of your breast as you heal.

Offers Comfort - Surprisingly, the tightness and coverage give a feeling of stability and security to tender breasts and incisions.

Minimises Bruising - Gentle compression limits minor bleeding under the skin to control ugly bruises.

Pay Attention to Material and Style

With many options available, select a compression garment carefully for the best post-breast surgery recovery results:

Choose lightweight material - Heavy, hot material defeats the purpose of irritating skin and incisions. Breathable, lightweight material feels more comfortable.

Ensure proper fit - Anything too loose won't adequately compress, while overtight styles restrict movement and breathing. Proper sizing ensures maximum benefits.

Consider zippered or hook-and-eye closures - Closures make your compression top easier to get on and off, essential during early restricted mobility and range of motion.

Look for Breast Access - The best post-surgical bras allow access to dressings, drains and incisions without fully removing them, like easy-down straps or fold-down cups.

Follow Your Doctor's Advice

Discussing compression wear options with an experienced breast surgeon in Sydney can help you make informed decisions and set realistic expectations for recovery. Follow their guidelines during your specific post-op period for ideal results. General tips include:

Wear Initially For 23 Hours Per Day - To gain full advantages, you will be advised to wear compression garments for 6-8 weeks throughout the day and should be removed only while you bathe.

Watch for Restricted Blood Flow - Immediately remove any garment causing numbness, intense pain, coldness, or colour changes and discuss symptoms with your provider.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, compression garments promote comfort and confidence during the recovery from breast procedures. With the right fit, closure and style for your unique surgery and needs, compression becomes a convenient recovery tool rather than a bothersome binding requirement. Discuss options with your surgical team and choose lightweight, adjustable pieces that help swelling and allow incision access. With comfort maximised, you can focus fully on healing.