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Showing posts from February, 2018

Korean Hanbok Doll: Hana (Darling Dolls International Series)

The Korean Hanbok Doll: Hana is a member of Sweet Softies’ Darling Dolls International Series.  This pattern provides instructions for crocheting Hana, a sweet, young maiden wearing traditional Korean clothing.  Her jacket and hairpiece are removable for fun dress-up play.  || Please click here for Kore…

Shannon's Doll

I recently received a letter and beautiful photos of the doll above, from a fellow crocheter named Shannon.  Shannon thanked me for my Christmas Angel pattern , which she used as the base for this doll.  She mentioned to me how meaningful it was to her, as she modeled the doll after her mother, whom sadly passed a …

Little Red Pandora's Body Language [VIDEO]

The Little Red Pandora 's design is quite different - in a more simplistic way - compared to my other dolls.  She's one of my quicker-to-work-up dolls, which I really appreciate because "ain't nobody got time fo' that"!! Part of her quick design is thanks to the way her arms are made.…

Name This Darling Doll!

Dear fellow crocheters, Say hello to this little gal, who loves dressing up in her red panda outfit!  She's part of Sweet Softies' new 'Darling Dolls Collectible Series'! Like every one of my little creations, she does need a name, and I'd like to recruit your help and input in naming her. ?…

Tweed for this Yarn Addict

I recently noticed some beautiful tweed yarns available at my local craft store, and lo and behold, it's from one of my favorite yarn brands ever -- Caron Simply Soft!  I was elated to find both a brownish, taupe tweed, and a creamy off-white tweed.  Some of my favorite colors are earthy tones (umber, ochre, si…

Magazine Sighting!

Guess what I found at my local Costco! 😏 I was pretty surprised to see "The Winter Crochet Book" by Future Publishing !  Firstly, I didn't know Costco sold magazines.  Secondly, crochet magazines?  Well, that's totally awesome!! This issue in particular includes my Christmas Angel design, w…