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5 Ways to support my blog

Hello, dear friend!  If you're here to say "thank you" to me for the patterns that I design and share with you for free on my blog and YouTube, I want to let you know first off that you are so very welcome! Thank YOU for enjoying my designs.  

A number of my readers have asked me time and time again how they can support me or show gratitude beyond written messages, especially after my very first Tuesday Treats event.  (It's freebies every Tuesday, in case you haven't signed up for them yet; check out the post!)  Anyhow, I've decided to put together a page with some ways (both $$ and free/no cost) that one can show appreciation or support beyond words.

Please note: my blog and capability to provide free patterns runs mostly on donations, pattern sales, and revenue from putting ads on my blog.  It's usually enough to help me try and offset materials costs for new projects, but far from being enough for me to turn this "hobby" into a career.  So, please know that my drive for designing and sharing free patterns mainly comes from the amazing feeling of seeing your finished work from my designs! 

1. Gifting from my Amazon Wishlist

If you'd like, you can check out my Amazon wishlist here.  These are all items for either my young daughter or myself.  I am frequently updating it and removing any items that I no longer want or need, so please know that they are all relevant to my current needs.  Thank you so much in advance for looking through!

(If you don't have the funds to buy me something on Amazon but still want to help, please use my Amazon affiliate link before making your own purchase. This helps me earn a small referral fee at NO COST to you!)

2. Buying Premium/Paid Patterns

This is where the bulk of my "pay" comes from!  PDF versions of most of my free patterns are available in my shop (preferred), Ravelry, and Etsy.  I spend a lot of time and effort making my PDF patterns easy-to-read, beautifully formatted, and filled with helpful photo references to guide you through the crocheting process.  These PDF patterns are also ad-free, so if you don't like viewing the crochet instructions from my blog with ads, you can consider supporting my small business by purchasing my PDF patterns.

3. Send a Direct Donation

If desired, you can also make a direct donation to help offset the material fees and costs to continue creating and sharing my designs with my readers!  If you'd like to donate to Sweet Softies' cause, you can send an amount to my Venmo (preferred), Ko-Fi, or PayPal.  (I prefer Venmo because PayPal deducts a transaction fee in the process. You can calculate the paypal processing fee using a paypal fee calculator.)

4. Browse my blog or free patterns (NO COST!)

Just hanging around my blog, reading and scrolling through my pages, and following along with my free patterns is helpful!  I'm able to make a bit of ad revenue from viewers on my blog.

5. Watch my YouTube Videos (NO COST!)

Similar to browsing the written instructions on our blogs, I get a bit of ad revenue from views on YouTube.  It'd help a lot if you subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the little bell icon to get updates whenever I post a new video tutorial!

Well, that's it!  Thank you for reading through and for even clicking on this page!  As always, my favorite thing is to receive your heartfelt messages and see your special work made from my designs!  It's truly an honor.

Much love to you all, sweet crochet friends!