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My Favorite Crafting Products

Since many have asked, I've decided to share my favorite crafting products.


For Standard Amigurumi

My go-to for amigurumi is worsted weight yarn, and I typically choose 100% acrylic yarn.  The reason for that is because acrylic yarns tend to be a lot more affordable than cotton yarn or other fibers.  Some lines of acrylic yarn also come in an abundance of shades and colors, perfect for crocheting different amigurumis with!  My favorites in this category include the following yarns for solid colors: Brava Worsted, Caron Simply Soft, and Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling yarn. For more of a heathered or tweedy look (great for that woodland or fairytale aesthetic!), I really like Heartland yarn.

For Plush and Cuddly Amigurumi

Baby Snuggle Yarn is, hands down, my all-time favorite to use for amigurumi.  It is a 100% polyester yarn that has a chenille velvet texture, making it super soft to the touch.  This yarn does not have the sharper stitch definition that regular worsted weight acrylic yarn would have.  Because of that, it produces amigurumi with less noticeable stitches, so they end up looking more like typical plushies.  

For Fluffy and Furry Amigurumi

If you want to mimic that real-life fur look, you'll want to try out Go For Faux™ Yarn!  It's my preferred fur yarn as it comes in wider color selections than comparable ones I've seen.  The yarn is also great quality, sturdy, and super soft to the touch.  

Please be aware that there is virtually no stitch definition with fur yarn, as you can't "see" your stitches at all!  It's good and bad.  Good -- you get a beautiful, furry amigurumi that people will be amazed to know is actually made using crochet methods.  Bad -- it's a pain in the butt to work with at first because you're basically blind and have to "feel" for your stitches.  It's easy to mess up on stitch counts with faux fur yarn.  Thankfully, it's also pretty forgiving because missing a stitch or two here and there won't be noticeable in the final product!  (Whew!)

For Baskets & Home Decor

Coming soon!

For Clothing & Garments

Coming soon!

Specific Yarn Reviews

I've also written a few reviews about some of the yarns that I have worked with.  You can check out all of my yarn reviews here.


If you have the money, I would recommend getting a set of Clover Amour hooks. You've likely heard of them if you've been hanging around the online crochet community! They are popular and versatile for all sorts of projects (from amigurumi to clothing) because of their ergonomic grips and well-designed hooks that make crocheting a smoother and easier experience. 

Great hooks don't have to cost an arm and a leg, though! If you're on a tight budget, I would highly recommend this Yarniss hook set, which is comparable to the Clover Amour hooks.  They are not only much cheaper, they include accessories like a storage case, yarn needle, stitch markers, and even a pair of scissors.  The products are all great quality except for the scissors... (they're finicky in my opinion).  This would serve as a great starter set since it includes the basic items as well, but they'd also be great for crocheters who wish to upgrade from metal-only to soft-grip, ergonomic hooks!

Now, if you want to get all fancy and spoil yourself (or a fellow crocheting friend) with a gorgeous hook, definitely check out Furls crochet hooks!  They have a number of beautifully-crafted hook collections that are both easy to grip and works smoothly with yarn.  Their hooks are pricy and I own two relatively affordable ones from the Odyssey Collection.  After using them for some time in comparison to my soft-grip hooks, I'll have to say that I enjoy Furls hooks for non-amigurumi projects that don't require tight stitching or tension.  Looser stitches are easier for me to crochet with Furls hooks, so I tend to use my hooks for more lacy and airy projects.


Coming soon!


  • The KUBX Pro Mobile Storage Cart is the best crafter's cart I've found on the market. It's well-designed and has an assortment of different compartments and features, and you can read about it in my review. Use the code 20TSOFTIES for 20% off your purchase here

For Crochet Designers & Bloggers

Are you a content creator?  Below are the products and resources that I use.  I will be updating with more information soon!
  • Creating an Online Store: This is my favorite selling platform. I only sell digital products, like patterns and printables, but it also allows for selling courses, memberships, and physical products too. In a nutshell, some of my favorite things about it is that it's: easy to use, much faster to list products on (compared to Etsy and Ravelry), allows you to automatically subscribe customers to your newsletter, allows you to create a beautiful storefront and website with blog (if you don't already have a site), AND it has $0 monthly fees! If you'd like more information about its features and why I love using it over other competitive platforms, check out my Payhip Review post

  • Mailing List: I use Flodesk, which helps me create beautiful emails quickly and easily. They also don't have tiers for how many subscribers you have, so you won't worry about having to pay more $ to host more subscribers! 

  • Video content creation: I love HeyPaparazzo's well-designed content creator tools! They're so nifty for filming tutorial videos, capturing from a bird's eye view.

  • Video editing: I use a free online video editor that makes it very easy to create and edit video content.  There are so many easy features available with a drag and drop video editor.  You'll be able to use beautiful video templates, a bunch of royalty-free assets, and easily edit your videos vertically or horizontally for different platforms.  It basically covers all the online video editing tools that I need. No professional skills are needed to create beautiful videos!  You get to spend more time focusing on your craft instead of learning time-consuming video editing skills.
  • Logo creator: If you're looking to create a custom logo for your small business at a great price, I encourage you to check out this online logo maker.  They have 10,000+ logo templates. You can easily use keywords to find a design that meets your needs, and then perfect it by customizing it to make it your own.  It's fast and easy to make that top-quality logo and build your brand identity this way!