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Showing posts from August, 2018

Help Wanted: Pick a Hairstyle!

Dear fellow crocheters, My newest design, Emerie the Emerald Princess, is near completion!  For this doll, I tried out a new method of attaching hair.  It was one that has been floating around in my head for a while, and I finally brought it to fruition.  I'm so glad to say that it worked nicely, and I think …

Sneak Peek: A Sprinkle of Royalty...

A sprinkle of royalty is coming your way... Stay tuned to read about the Emerald Princess !  She is a special creation of mine, and a sweet darling that will capture your heart!  This little gal wears a long, green dress (fitting for an emerald princess), and a dainty gold crown.  More to come soon!

American Prairie Doll: Primrose (Darling Dolls International Series)

The American Prairie Doll: Primrose is a member of Sweet Softies’ Darling Dolls International Series.  This pattern provides instructions for crocheting Primrose, a beautiful, young woman wearing a colonial outfit that consists of a long-sleeve dress that goes down to her ankles, a blue bonnet, a long apron, white…

Help Name this Prairie-Revival, Colonial Gal!

Dear fellow crocheters, Say hello to my sweet, colonial gal!  I've always had an affinity for the prairie-revival aesthetic and had so much fun designing this doll.  She's part of Sweet Softies' new Darling Dolls International Series.  Thus far, there's Hana the Korean Hanbok Doll and Sanjana …

Foxy Ears!

Hi fellow crocheters, Foxes are one of my favorite animals!  My amigurumi fox design, Fletcher the Fox , is a work of pride for me.  I spent a significant amount of time working on his design and re-working on it, to try and achieve the style that I wanted.  Aside from the shaping of the face, I took particular pri…