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Free No-Sew Amigurumi Patterns for Craft Fairs

Free No-Sew Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Roundup

This is a highly requested roundup: NO-SEW AMIGURUMI! 

Are you doing market prep and looking to stock up on cute amigurumi plushes for your upcoming craft fair QUICKLY? You'll love having no-sew amigurumi patterns at your disposal because you won't have to do any sewing at all!

This roundup of crochet patterns are all:
  • FREE!
  • No-sew
  • Quick
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Uses very little yarn (great as stashbusters for yarn scraps!)

Additionally, some of these come with full step-by-step video tutorials so that any beginner can follow along!

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More Roundups

Here are some more free pattern roundups that you might be interested in! 
Without further ado, let's check out the roundup of free patterns below!

Free Pattern Roundup: No-Sew Amigurumi Crochet

Click on the title or picture to navigate to the pattern page. Happy crocheting!

Pocket Kitty Cat

This adorable kitty cat pattern has a bow and collar! It comes with a free Youtube video tutorial.

Pocket Mouse

This wee mouse is so sweet and small! Looks great in blanket yarn or in thinner cotton/acrylic yarns.

Huggy Frog

This adorable little frog is no-sew and quick and easy to work up! It uses yarn color changes on its belly, making it a dual-toned doll.

Tiny-Rex is an adorable pocket dino pattern that requires NO SEWING! Yay! You can make a cute baby or keychain size with medium weight (or thinner) yarns. This pattern also comes with a full step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube channel

Pocket Dragon

The Pocket Dragon is Tiny-Rex's cousin! This little dragon may be tiny, but he's absolutely precious! He's a minimal-sew project as he's completely no-sew except for his wings.  This pattern comes with a full step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube channel too!

Pocket Penguin

This little baby penguin pattern is completely no-sew! It works up quickly and looks so cute. 

Flipper Friends (3-in-1: Whale, Narwhal, Dolphin)

The Flipper Friends is a 3-in-1 pattern that includes instructions for crocheting a pocket whale, narwhal, and dolphin! These underwater sea critters are crocheted in one piece (no-sew) and come with a free video tutorial. 

Baby Axolotl

A baby axolotl will melt anyone's heart! This no-sew pattern is quick and easy to work up, and can be made with different fibers/yarn weights to produce different sizes! 

Pocket People

The Pocket People pattern is a no-sew doll that works up very quickly! They are easily customizable and can be made into "mini me" dolls. They have some head and hat accessories to choose from, including pigtails, a bonnet hood, and a baseball cap.

Worry Pet

Easy and quick, this squishy "pet" is a great beginner-friendly buddy to make into a keychain. You can even fuzz up the yarn to make it look like "fur" by using a dog brush.

Pocket Chicken Family

The Pocket Chicken Family is a 3-in-1 pattern that includes a mother hen, baby chick, and their cozy nest. All three are crocheted in one piece (no-sew).  The chickens are available as a free video tutorial.  Great for farm animal lovers!

Good Luck Duck

The Good Luck Duck is a pocket duckling pattern that is no-sew and works up very quickly!  A full, step-by-step video tutorial is available for this free pattern.

Mosaic Goldfish

The Mosaic Goldfish pattern features a colorful no-sew fish with 4 different scale designs to choose from! The ribbed tail and textured stitches on the body offers different sensory feels. This versatile pattern can also be customized with lots of different color combinations!

Galaxy Jellyfish

This adorable jellyfish is crocheted in one piece! It looks great in multi-colored yarn or solid yarn. 


Octobuddy is a sweet octopus amigurumi that's perfect for calming down. They have squishy bodies, tentacles that provide lots of great texture and sensory input, and they look absolutely adorable. Comes in TWO sizes: big and small!

Octopus Squish

These little guys are also crocheted completely in one piece and look fantastic in different types of yarns/fibers.  You can also check out my free video tutorial on the pattern page if you want to crochet along with me!

If you want an even smaller and faster octopus, try my free Baby Octopus pattern (also includes video tutorial), which takes only 10 minutes!  You can make it gift-worthy with the free Valentine's Day gift tags printable, which matches the octopus theme.

The Catnap Kitties are crocheted in one piece and are addicting to make! Customize them using your favorite color combos. This pattern is part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!

Bedtime Babies

The Bedtime Babies is a human version of the Catnap Kitties above!  These little dolls come with bonnets that can be removed.  This pattern is part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!

This adorable little ghost is a Japanese charm that is said to bring good weather! 

Is your craft fair being held in January or early February?  You can get ready for Lunar New Year by crocheting a bunch of these cute, no-sew mini lanterns!  Or, they make great year-round Chinese good luck charms, keychains, or hanging ornaments too. 

Hope you will enjoy these patterns!  If you'd like to show your appreciation, I invite you to check out 5 Ways to Support my Blog.  Thank you so much for helping me keep this site running with free patterns!  

Warm wishes,