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12+ Free Patterns for Halloween 2023 · Amigurumi & Crochet Roundup


In light of the upcoming spooky season, here are some of my top FREE patterns that are perfect to make for Halloween!

    These patterns are...

    • Quick and easy to make! The level of difficulty range from beginners to familiar beginners/intermediate crocheters.  
    • Don't require much yarn as they're smaller amigurumi and crochet projects, so don't worry about yardage with these stashbusters!
    • Suitable to make into keychains.
    • Great gifts, and many can also work as party favors.

    Some are amigurumi plushes and dolls, and some are great for costumes and cosplays! 

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    Now without further ado, let's check out this roundup below!  Click on the pattern name or photo to go straight to the pattern page.  Happy crocheting!

    Best Free Amigurumi & Crochet Patterns for Halloween

    (2023 edition)

    Sir Batwington

    Sir Batwington is a brave, little bat that will protect you from evil spirits this Halloween!  You can customize him with embellishments, such as a spiffy bowtie (you can try using this free mini bow pattern). 

    Whimsy the Witch

    Whimsy the Witch is one of my favorite little dolls from the Baby Bean Doll Series...because look how cute she his!  This pastel witch comes with her own mini broom.  She loves to cause mischief, so keep an eye on her!

    Fall Harvest Pumpkin

    The Fall Harvest Pumpkin is a great project to make as home decor for this season, and you can keep it around for Thanksgiving too! It's crocheted with yarn doubled up, which makes it quick and easy to work up into a nice, larger size. You can easily adjust this pattern to make your pumpkin bigger or smaller! 

    Tiny Baby Ghostie


    The Tiny Baby Ghostie is a little ghost that is hollow on the inside, so you can hang it up as some cute decor to bring in those Halloween vibes! 

    Teru Teru Bozu

    Teru Teru Bozu is a no-sew pattern that works up so quickly! It is a Japanese weather charm that is said to make rain begone and bring in the sun. It also doubles up as Halloween decor and can be made into hanging ornaments for spooky season!

    Tiny Baby Pumpkin


    The Tiny Baby Pumpkin is a miniature pumpkin that is crocheted by working in the round!  It's really quick and easy to work up, and a great way for beginners to practice increases and decreases in crochet.

    Petite Pumpkin

    The Petite Pumpkin is another miniature pumpkin that looks great as a keychain or prop for your amigurumi doll!  It is worked flat and then stitched together, so the construction is different from the Tiny Baby Pumpkin above.

    Baby Pumpkin Head

    This Baby Pumpkin Head has a cute, little body and works up really fast.  It's adorably palm-sized!

    Pumpkin Head Doll

    If you prefer a less babyish body, try this Pumpkin Head Doll instead!  It has long and slender arms and legs and can be made with or without a dress.  It is available as a free printable PDF pattern! 

    Hooded Bat Cape

    Want to crochet a super fun and easy Halloween costume that is perfect for both children and adults? Make the free Hooded Bat Cape! It's easy to customize the size of the wings to make it as big or small as you want! Works up very quickly with super bulky yarn!

    Fluffy Hooded Bear Cowl

    This Fluffy Hooded Bear Cowl is not only cute for Halloween, but something you can wear for the rest of chilly season because it's soooo warm! Faux fur makes this project very quick to work up too, with a huge hook and simple double crochet stitches for the most part!

    Hooded Timber Wolf Scarf

    If you prefer something to cover your neck and has pockets for keeping your hands warm too, try the Hooded Timber Wolf Scarf! A great Halloween costume for those who live in colder climates! I love how soft and furry it is with Lion Brand's Go for Faux yarn. It requires minimal sewing, too! 

    Lolita Headband

    The Lolita Headband is super pretty with roses/flowers, frills, and bows! It gives off a beautiful Victorian aesthetic with its lacy look. You can turn it into a maid headband by using black instead of pink, and you can also customize it with different appliques and embellishments. 

    Fawn Bonnet

    The Fawn Bonnet is such a sweet hood that you can make for the perfect DIY deer costume. It works for both Halloween AND for Christmas too!  

    Catnap Kitties

    These cute no-sew Catnap Kitties can be made using black yarn to symbolize the famous Halloween black cat image! Have fun with using different yarn colors for the body, or use the classic Halloween colors of orange and green for a completely Halloween-themed sweater. These kitties come in their own little beds, and are a lot of fun to play with for little ones. They also make great key chains! A video tutorial is available for this pattern as well.

    Mori Girl Doll

    The Mori Girl Doll's body base pattern is free on my blog! I thought I'd include this pattern because she has a couple adorable Halloween costumes: a cat ear and bear ear hood, along with a sweet dress and matching scarf. 

    Hope you will enjoy these patterns!  If you have other ideas for wedding crochet items, let me know in the comment section below!  

    Warm wishes,