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Oslo for Families: Kid-Friendly Attractions and Parks

Norway’s capital city, Oslo, offers a little bit of everything. Packed with fascinating history, including several intriguing museums that span Norwegian history from the Viking age up to the Second World War, Oslo is also a modern city packed with great restaurants, art galleries, and cultural spaces. In this country made rich by oil exploration, it’s never hard to find great things to do, no matter how you like to spend your time on vacation.

And if you’re traveling with the family, you’ll be glad to know that Oslo also has some great attractions for kids. From interesting museums to beautiful parks, there are plenty of places where you can make memories with your children and have a great time exploring the Norwegian capital.

One thing Oslo certainly isn’t is cheap. You’ll need a healthy budget to make the most of this city. But by taking advantage of some great free things to do in the city, you can keep both yourself and the kids entertained in Norway’s biggest city.

Drop off your unneeded bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Oslo and check out some of these great kid-friendly attractions. Family fun in Norway’s capital city is never hard to find.

TusenFryd Amusement Park

If you’re looking for ways to entertain bored children, it’s hard to go wrong with an amusement park. TusenFryd is Norway’s largest amusement park, and it lies on the outskirts of Oslo, making it easy to reach from the center of the capital city.

You’ll find 30 rides and attractions at this park, including roller coasters, log rides, and carousels. Like all the best amusement parks, the rides offer a range of different experiences for kids of all ages. Plus, of course, you don’t have to be a kid to have a great time here. You’re never too old to enjoy the thrill of a roller coaster, so don’t be afraid to climb on board yourself.

International Museum of Children’s Art

Oslo is known for its many interesting museums, and you’ll find plenty of them that will appeal to children just as much as they do to adults. This unusual art museum is a great place to start.

The museum collects art by children from around the world and uses it to explore the desires and fears of society’s youngest members. Different exhibits explore themes like war, climate change, and home, and there are always temporary exhibits focusing on different aspects of the childhood experience from different parts of the world.

Seeing the work of children displayed in an art gallery may inspire the creative instinct in your own kids, and the museum often hosts workshops and interactive classes for children that can help them gain a new appreciation for art by creating it themselves.

This museum is also relatively cheap to visit, costing only 40 Norwegian kroner for kids and 75 for adults. Plus, it’s free to visit if you buy an Oslo Pass.

Norwegian Maritime Museum

Shipping has shaped the culture of Norway from the very earliest times, making this museum one of the most important if you want to better understand the history of the country. But as important as the museum is for preserving and explaining Norway’s maritime heritage, it’s also a very interesting place for kids to visit.

That’s thanks to the incredible interactive exhibits you’ll find here. The Norwegian Maritime Museum features a reconstruction of a Viking longship which is sure to spark the imagination of your children. Kids can also climb into a submarine and journey below the ocean waves in an exhibition that simulates the undersea world. They can also play in the re-created ship Queen of the Congo and hear the story of adventurer Sally Jones as they embark with her on a fun-filled trip around the world.

Both you and the kids will learn something here, but the emphasis is firmly on family fun.

Oslo Reptile Park

Norway isn’t perhaps the first place you think of when you think of reptiles. But this reptile park brings these fascinating creatures to the Norwegian capital and allows your kids to learn more about the animal world in a variety of engaging ways.

The Reptile Park is home to more than 100 animals, and you and the kids can watch crocodiles be fed or come face-to-face with a boa constrictor. The park also contains non-reptile animals such as monkeys and even a black widow spider, so it’s a wonderful place for any animal lover to learn more about the natural world. Several fun events are held throughout the day, so it’s an easy place to spend a few hours appreciating these fascinating creatures.


Nordic sports such as skiing are a huge part of life in Norway but don’t worry if you’re visiting during the summer. Norwegians don’t let a little thing like the rotation of the earth keep them from practicing their favorite winter activities.

SNØ is an indoor skiing and snowboarding facility that’s only a short drive from Oslo. There’s a beginner slope where smaller children can learn the basic skills they need to have fun, and instructors are on hand to teach more advanced classes.

Along with the slopes, there is a one-kilometer cross-country skiing trail and even an ice climbing wall, and it all takes place under a simulated recreation of the beautiful Northern Lights, making this one of the best Nordic experiences you can have close to the city.

Fun with kids in Oslo

Oslo is a fantastic place to visit with kids. Along with these great attractions, there are plenty of others that your kids are guaranteed to enjoy, along with beautiful parks where you can enjoy the ocean scenery and sample the best of Norway. Leave your bags behind and head out on a family adventure to explore this vibrant city. You’ll be glad you did.