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How To Harmonize Different Stylistic Designs In Your Home

Have you ever walked from your kitchen to your living room and felt like there was something off about the atmosphere in these two rooms? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving a unique look and vibe to every single one of your rooms, but a visually harmonious home has a pleasant appeal. Every piece of furniture and decorative item adds to the overall cohesive atmosphere of the home, making for a very calm and peaceful environment.

However, you might not be sold on this concept because it seems as if it’s limited by a single style. You don’t want your house to look too static or uninteresting, and only being confined to using a single style for the entire home maybe isn’t for you.

Well, visual harmony isn’t about being boring. This concept focuses on smoothing out those transitions between stylistically different rooms or even a single room, just so that they aren’t so jarring. A visually harmonious home doesn’t have to be a boring black and white canvas. It can be whatever multitude of styles you want. The only difference is that they will be interwoven in such a way that their implementation looks coordinated and intentional.


Don’t Try to Hide ”The Odd One Out”

You might have an item or a piece of furniture that has a very different aesthetic than the rest of the room, but you’d still like to have it there for whatever reason. Well, then what’s the point in hiding it?

It’s actually a blessing in disguise because its distinctiveness is a great attention grabber. Instead of tucking it away into a corner to collect dust, you should make it the focal point of the room! Your interior design choices will then look much more intentional and bolder. Don’t be afraid to give your aesthetically dissonant items or furniture some much-needed attention.



This is not only good for the visual aesthetics of your home, but also for your mental health and overall quality of life. Having a lot of useless things around that bring you neither joy nor any purpose is not good for you. It’s not doing your home or your mind any favors either.

Clutter makes it very difficult to consider every element in the room and smooth out the transition from one room to the next. Decluttering your house means you’ll be on the way to removing obvious transition flaws that disturb your home’s visual harmony. After all the clutter is gone, you’ll see how easy it is to pinpoint elements that make transitions jarring, such as differently colored walls or different wood floors.


Try to Have a Matching Color Scheme

It’s no secret that knowing when and how to use color is one of the most fundamental interior design principles you should master to make your living space look classy. You can merge two different styles of interior design by having them share some color scheme. Every color doesn’t have to be exactly the same but using some of the same splashes of color in two stylistically different rooms will make them feel and look much more cohesive.

Have Fun Breaking the Rules

Like with any rule about anything remotely artistic, even the strictest of them are just strong suggestions. Interior design rules are just made up of suggestions that look good in most cases, but there are always going to be exceptions. When decorating your home, you have full control of the reins. You’re the only one who can judge whether something in your home looks good or not because it primarily needs to look good to you. You deserve to live in a space you feel comfortable in and find visually pleasing! Feel free to make some weird and wacky choices as per your sense of style. They might just end up working out in the end.

Most people don’t like only one type of style or thing in any scenario. You might be a fan of both vintage and modern interior design, and that should reflect in your interior design! The principles of harmonizing different stylistic designs in your house will help you in your quest to decorate your home uniquely and tastefully at the same time. Fusing two different styles into one can be a daunting task, but it can definitely be accomplished without having your home look like a patchwork of wildly clashing atmospheres. Combining different decorative styles can be fun and fulfilling, and you’ll have a house that truly feels like home by the end.