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Experts Explain - When's the Right Time To Replace Your Water Heater?

Heated water feels more like a necessity rather than a luxury in many households. Even during the summer months, some families cannot survive without heated water for different daily needs. This is why having a working water heater is crucial at all times.

Whether you have just moved in and do not know how old your water heater is, or if you have had your heater for years, here are some signs that you need to look for a new water heater for your home. If your water heater shows any of the following signs then it may be time for you to start looking for a new one.

1. Leaks

Leaks can range from being frustrating to outright dangerous if not fixed as soon as possible. Having a water heater that leaks constantly or that has been repaired before for the exact same problem and started leaking again is a sign that you need a new heater. If you have an electric water heater and it starts leaking, then you need to turn it off straight away. Mixing water with electricity can be fatal for you and your family.

Even if the leak is nowhere near the electric components of the heater, it is better to be safe than sorry and turn the heater off until you have a better idea about whether it is a simple fix or you need to replace the heater altogether.


2. Has Rust

Rust is caused by the oxidation that occurs when the iron is exposed to water and air. If a part of your heater has begun to rust, then unfortunately it won't be long before you have to replace it. To get a better idea about where the rust is located and how you should deal with it, Las Vegas plumbers at https://www.iceaclv.com/hvac-services/water-heaters-las-vegas/ recommend having a professional take a look to ensure that you do not put yourself or your family at risk by using the heater. If there is a lot of rust inside your heater, you may notice your water starting to become discolored.


3. Doesn't Heat Water

The whole purpose of having a water heater is to heat water for you to use in the kitchen and bathroom. If your heater is not doing its job efficiently, then you should start looking for a new heater. There are different reasons why your heater may not be doing its job properly so, if you want, you can get a professional opinion to figure out what went wrong. If this is a repeated issue then it’s better if you just buy a heater instead of spending even more money on constant repairs.

4. Past Its Lifespan

Just like any other household appliance, a water heater has its lifespan. Generally, a tank water heater can last you up to twelve years if you take good care of it. After these years are over, your heater will definitely be showing signs of wear and tear. If you know exactly when your heater was installed then you will be aware of when it needs replacement. However, if you are not really sure when it was installed, you can play it by ear and look for other signs that show it needs to be replaced.

5. Uneconomical

Since power can be costly, not to mention that you probably want to decrease your carbon footprint, a water heater that uses power but does not heat the water well is a waste of both money and electricity. Imagine having to pay a high electricity bill without reaping the benefits of the electricity that was supposedly used by your heater. Frustrating is an understatement of how that situation can make you feel. If you find this trend of higher bills and less efficiency then it is definitely time for a new heater.


6. Produces Discolored Water

As mentioned above, discolored water can be a sign of rust inside your heater. Rust is not the only cause of discoloration, however. You should be on the lookout for cloudy or white water coming from your heater because this can be an indication of mineral buildup inside it. While some buildup can be removed with the help of a professional, it is time-consuming and costly to have to remove buildup multiple times when replacing the entire thing is cheaper and more time efficient.

As mentioned above, heated water has become more necessary over time which means that if you notice any of these signs, it is better to find a solution as soon as possible to avoid worse issues. Now that you know what to look for, you can be more vigilant when it comes to the state of your water heater. Of course, if your heater is still within its warranty and you experience any of these issues, it may be a manufacturing issue and you need to contact the responsible entity for solutions.