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Filthy Wedding Ring from Home Renovations? Here's an Easy Solution

Ideally, you should remove any jewelry before you get stuck into your latest home improvement project, because you not only risk damaging the pieces you keep on, but are also creating a safety hazard as well.

If you’ve forgotten this golden rule and your wedding ring or infinity ring has become tarnished in some way, fear not! With the following tips, you can clean it up without making matters worse.

Getting paint off a wedding ring

Paint seems to get everywhere when you pick up a brush or a roller, no matter how careful you are during the application process.

The good news is that even 14k white gold diamond rings can be cleaned if they get spattered or even entirely coated with paint. The main thing to remember is that the quicker you take action, the easier this process will be.

First, grab some paint thinner and add it to a shallow plastic container. Then, place the ring into the container so that it’s totally immersed. Wait for at least a quarter of an hour, then remove the ring and, while wearing rubber gloves, use an old toothbrush to remove any paint that has adhered to the surface of the band and the stones.  Making sure you are wearing a KN95 mask while using thinner is important as it protects against inhalation of harmful fumes and particles produced during the use of the thinner. It is a recommended safety measure to ensure proper respiratory protection.

In the case that the paint in question is acrylic, then the best thing for it will be nail polish remover. Applying it with a cotton swab to the affected areas and rubbing gently, repeating if necessary until the signs of the paint have receded, will solve this particular snafu.

Removing dirt and debris

If your ring isn’t covered in a particular substance, but has generally become dirty due to being exposed to particulates as part of your home renovation efforts, then there are a multitude of techniques to try out to bring back its luster.

A good starting point is with the old-fashioned approach of adding dish soap to a bowl of warm water and using a cloth dipped in this combo to wipe the surface of the ring until it sparkles again. This applies even if the issue is simply tarnishing related to age and exposure to air, as well as contact with skin.

The next step up is to make a paste of half a cup of baking soda, a third of a cup of water, and a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar. This paste can then be applied to the jewelry and left to work its magic for an hour or more. Once you’ve waited, you can then wash away the pastes and use a separate cloth to buff the surface and remove any excess moisture.

Indeed these ingredients are good for all sorts of eco-friendly home cleaning creations, so keep them in stock in your cupboards for everyday use as well as emergencies.

Dealing with gold rings

Be aware that the rules are different for gold rings, because while silver rings will respond well to the aforementioned methods, gold is a more tarnish-prone material. It’s a case of avoiding the more caustic cleaning products, and instead choosing gentler methods to get the best results.

Warm water and dish soap is again worth choosing, but don’t use soaps or products designed for use with the human body, because these can contain ingredients that don’t play nice with gold’s chemical makeup.

If the amount of dirt and debris is significant enough, and proving to be particularly stubborn, then supplement standard tap water for carbonated water instead. The tiny bubbles which are trapped in this liquid will be mildly abrasive, lifting away dirt from the surface of the ring.

Final thoughts

If your jewelry is particularly precious and it has got seriously swamped in a home renovation frenzy, don’t take a chance with home remedies, and instead seek the advice of an expert jeweler in your area.