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Impressive Places to Visit and Find Inspiration for Writing Narrative

Have you been thinking of writing a novel, college essay, or article for your blog? If yes, this is a worthy goal. To write well, you need to develop your writing skills and most importantly, find or create an environment that favors writing. The most successful education writers in the world usually go into solitude in different places across the world not only to avoid distraction from the people around them but also to find inspiration and give their project the attention it deserves. All of the places that we are going to discuss are beautiful in their way. And they are always open to visitors. Here are the best inspiring places.



Writing inspiration is the result of conscious stimulation. Going for a short walk and enjoying the beautiful scenery will prepare your mind to be receptive to inspiration when it arrives. In many ways, your mind is like your body. To build and strengthen the muscle in your body, you need to exercise regularly. Similarly, you need to exercise your brain regularly to become receptive to stimuli. While nature is one of the best inspirational resources, it’s not the only one. A college student who reads narrative essay examples and study their environment consciously will find lots of amazing pieces of overheard dialogue, and special human moments every time they get out of their houses. If you are looking for true moments in your world, you can read short narrative essay examples about them and find them easily. You don’t have to read coursework materials, a book and research papers in the university library all the time to get a good grade.

Reading books

Another great place to find inspiration is by reading other people’s works. If there is a subject or genre that you would like to talk about, you need to research how other experienced writers have handled it and what sections of their craft will work for you. You don’t have to limit yourself to reading the best pieces only. You can learn from both good and bad writing. Finding out where other writers went wrong will give you a clear idea of how to shape your writing. Every great writer reads regularly. Plus, there are a lot of books online that you can read to become a great writer.


This is one of the best tools for conditioning a writer’s mindset. Take a narrative and re-envision it by changing a key facet, setting, viewpoint, or plot event. Making these small changes will help you get new ideas from an established piece. While Fifty Shades of Grey is an amazing piece, you can’t deny how a slight adjustment led to the creation of Twilight. Using an established narrative means that you can always find existing details to create a story that inspires you. This will help you get ideas for writing a story.

The community

Nowadays, you don’t have to go out to converse with people physically to find writing inspiration. You can do this in the comfort of your home by engaging with an online community. One of the things that inspire storytellers to keep on keeping on is the presence of listeners. In the online world, you can always find people to write for. When you have an audience, you can easily tailor your work to their needs instead of wondering what you’ll write about. When you are a part of the community, you’ll easily expose yourself to concepts and ideas that you’d never have discovered. Engaging with others actively is one of the best ways to take your writing inspiration to the next level.


Most people avoid watching TV when they are writing or working on other important projects because it is a huge source of distraction. They consider watching TV a waste of time. However, your TV is one of the best places to find interesting stories. Everything that you watch here is a narrative. Therefore, you need to figure out what works and what doesn’t. One of the best exercises that you should try is writing an engaging piece based on a program or advert you’ve just watched. This exercise will help you learn a lot from yourself. It will also condition your mind to look for writing inspiration in the least expected places.


Music is not only one of the best mood elevators but also a great source of inspiration. The more engaged you are with music, the better you’ll perform. Listen to a beautiful piece and write down how it has made you feel and why it evoked these emotions. Write something that accompanies the music such as a story that made you feel how you feel now. While inspiration won’t strike immediately, you’ll create an environment that favors your creativity.

Writer’s circle

There are lots of writer’s circles that you can join whenever you want. Unlike a community that simply enjoys the works of a writer, the purpose of a writer’s circle is to examine a piece and suggest different ways that it can be improved. Through this process, you’ll get to examine your work, and style and think of the subjects that suit you. This viewpoint will encourage you to engage with others and provoke inspiration in ways you’d never imagine.


Dreams are some of the best resources that writers can use to find inspiration. However, they are usually untapped. Dreams are unconnected thoughts, impulses, and themes that your mind is trying to weave. They can greatly inspire you because they are stories based on things that concern you. To be inspired by your dreams, you’ll need to engage with them. Apart from sleeping and experiencing them, you need to keep a journal close to your bed so that you can record all the details the minute you wake up. Keeping a journal should be your priority if you want your dreams to inspire you to write.

Free writing

This is one of the strangest yet most effective ways to get inspired to write. However, only a few writers do it. The first fifteen minutes of this process are usually the hardest. However, when you persevere beyond this point, you’ll discover how free writing can help you come up with amazing ideas. You need to be strict when doing this exercise. Set your timer and write without interruptions about the topics that fascinate you.


All the suggestions that we’ve discussed in this article require active engagement. A lack of inspiration affects most writers including the successful ones. However, putting the time and energy into being inspired will help you come up with great ideas.