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How To Improve The Atmosphere In Your Home

For most people, home is a haven to relax and rejuvenate your spent energy. It is a welcoming place to spend meaningful time. Meanwhile, home can become gloomy if you fail to take measures to make it a cheerful place. For example, did you know that your windows could make the home look and feel dull? According to data, dirty windows reduce natural light by 40% and automatically cast a dreary appeal to the interiors. Here are some other ways to improve the atmosphere in your home.

Allow natural light indoors

As the introduction mentioned, windows can cast a gloomy look on your home's interior. This happens when your glass windows are covered in grime and dirt. Indeed, the primary function of these windows is to act as barriers between the indoors and outdoors. Therefore, they catch significant dirt in playing this vital role. Without regular window cleaning, you may end up with layers of dirt that block natural light from coming through.

Perhaps, the positioning of your home's windows creates a disadvantage. Usually, windows facing northwards receive little to no sunlight because they are positioned away from the sun. On the other hand, south-facing windows receive the most natural light and help make the interiors look bright and cheery. Fortunately, you can control the amount of light by using curtains or blinds.

Paint the walls a cheerful color

Sometimes, depending on your home's interior theme, it would be best to use cool or warmer tones for your walls. However, experts say some hues can be depressing and gloomy. For instance, black-colored walls absorb light but do not reflect it. Ultimately, it can make your rooms dreary, dark, and gloomy. On the other hand, shades such as lavender, blue, pale gray, etc., reflect light and brighten the space.

The exciting thing about these colors is their ability to pick up on the least amount of light and bounce it around the room. Thankfully, you can control these reflections with blinds or drapery. In addition to cheerfully colored walls, you may want to position decorative wall mirrors at vantage points in the room. They also help reflect light and transform a gloomy space into a brighter area.

Bring a little nature indoors

According to interior decorators, a few potted indoor plants can transform a gloomy space. Potted plants can also take away the claustrophobic feel of a room. If your home's interior is naturally dark, you may want to consider plants that do well in places with little light. Sometimes, the gloomy appearance of your home has nothing to do with inadequate lighting.

On the contrary, it has more to do with the absence of nature and some vegetation in your living place. You will notice the instant transformation a piece of nature brings into a bleak space. When you begin to find your home gloomy, it would be best to take a look around first. Find out what you might be missing and take countermeasures to turn your home into a cheerful place.