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What Colors Are Pairing the Best for the Printing On Your Custom Clothes

You’ve decided to Design Your Own Sweats and are excited to get started. You know your sweats will be made from the best material, and they will feature one of your spectacular original designs. But now, you’re wondering what colors will do your design justice.

Fortunately, there are color combinations that are known to complement each other. Some of these combinations are even said to evoke certain emotions in people, which can be important if you are using sweats to advertise your business.

What Colors Look Good Together?

There are plenty of colors that look good when you wear them together. Things are a bit different when looking for the right color combination to put on a t-shirt or sweatshirt. If you are putting an artistic design or logo on a shirt, you probably want to accentuate certain design elements. If you have wording on a shirt, you won’t want the design and background to clash or blend together. You want people to be able to read the message or the name of the company.

Several color combos look particularly good together on a shirt.

Green and Gray

Green stands out brilliantly against a gray background. Combined, the two colors have an earthy quality. This is the perfect color combination for a camping outfit or a company picnic.

Red and White

A red and white t-shirt is a classic patriotic design. Anyone who pairs it with jeans will have an easy outfit for the Fourth of July. Red is a bold and eye-catching color. It may be a bit overwhelming for a design. However, it is perfect for a shirt with wording on it. It’s dark enough to make white lettering pop.

Dark Blue and Light Blue

Sometimes, subtlety is the best option. If you’re designing a company logo or shirt for a company that provides business, legal, or financial services, you should use colors that are understated and sophisticated.

A dark blue shirt with light blue lettering looks regal without being ostentatious. It’s the perfect shirt to give to your employees at work, and it will look great on both men and women.

Other Design Options

Some colors evoke certain emotions when people see them. Both blue and green have a calming effect. It’s the reason the dressing rooms of Broadway stars were once all painted green.

When red and yellow are combined, it makes people hungry. It’s believed this works best on Americans because of the combination of ketchup and mustard. If you look around the next time you take a drive, you’ll notice many fast food restaurants use this color combination.

Orange is a color that projects a fun, playful response. Blue is thought to be calming and trustworthy. When used together, they project an image of an old friend you can trust.

Choosing the right color scheme is as important as the design itself, which is why it can be useful to know how to distinguish lavender and purple, for example. If you do your research and select a great combination, your shirts will get you the attention you need for your business, your organization, or just yourself.