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Hobbii's Baby Snuggle Yarn Review · A Crocheter's Honest Thoughts

Hi fellow yarn enthusiasts,

Have any of you made amigurumis with chunky or super bulky yarn?  I've tried a variety of blanket yarn, chenille yarn, velvet yarn, as well as faux fur yarn.  I recently got the chance to try out Hobbii's Baby Snuggle Solid Yarn, and am eager to tell you my experience with it!  I'll be sharing some crochet patterns featuring this yarn, along with some other free pattern designs that would look fantastic with it! 

    Color Selection

    Firstly, this line of yarn offers a beautiful variety of colors.  There are soft, pastel, and muted colors, all the way to vibrant and bold ones!  With all these color options, you can make a ton of different projects.  As an amigurumi designer, I think it's especially important to go for yarn series/brands that have a lot of color choices, because making toys and stuffies generally incorporate multiple colors and you'll want to have an even look with the yarn.  Mixing and matching yarn brands for a single project doesn't produce a clean look, so I try avoiding it unless it's to the benefit of the design. 

    Texture & Feel

    These 100% polyester skeins are so squishy and heavenly soft!  The quality is impeccable; the yarn is quite sturdy for this type of yarn (comparable to blanket yarn, velvet yarn, chenille yarn).  A lot of the problems I often get with these "types" is that the strands may break easily, especially when I have to unravel or "frog" my work.  However, that isn't the case with Baby Snuggle.  It's quite sturdy and I've unraveled without any problems at all!  The one thing I have noticed is that there's a bit of fluff that sometimes comes from the tips of the ends, but I just easily pinch that up and toss it into the wastebasket.  (It's sort of an inevitable occurrence with these types of thick yarns!)

    I was also quite happy with the texture and feel of the yarn in my finished doll.  This plush type of yarn makes the stitches look less noticeable, so the amigurumi has more of a "plush" look than a bumpy one.  If you're looking for stitch definition, this isn't the yarn for it, but if you're looking for a really squishy and cloud-like appearance, you'll love Baby Snuggle.  The finished amigurumis that I've made are so soft and cuddly!

    The Crochet Experience

    This smooth yarn really "glides" as you work!  My hook seems to just slip easily into each of the stitches and the yarn is very enjoyable to work with.  This makes crocheting more fun and relaxing that it already is.

    What's also great is that this super bulky weight 6 yarn makes it easy to make "bigger" projects without that many stitches.  I use a 5mm Clover Amour hook with Baby Snuggle for amigurumi, and find that amigurumis work up so fast and easily!  It's definitely a benefit of using chunky yarn, and who doesn't love large stuffies for less effort? ;)  

    Pro's in a Nutshell

    • Easy to work with, as the hook seems to simply glide into each stitch with ease 
    • Wide variety of beautiful color options to choose from 
    • Feels super luxurious, both during the process of crocheting and on the finished object 
    • Makes projects work up quickly due to the thickness/bulk

    What to make the Baby Snuggle with... (PATTERN ROUNDUP!)

    If you're looking for some crochet patterns that are well-suited to be used with Baby Snuggle yarn, feel free to try these patterns below.  Some are free!  You'll love the softness and squishiness.

    Octopus Squish

    These no-sew pocket octos take only 20 minutes to crochet! Comes with a free video tutorial.  Be sure to check out the pattern page here.


    Tiny-Rex is an adorable pocket dino pattern that requires NO SEWING! Yay! This pattern also comes with a full step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube channel

    Pocket Dragon

    The Pocket Dragon is Tiny-Rex's cousin! This little dragon may be tiny, but he's absolutely precious! He's a minimal-sew project as he's completely no-sew except for his wings.  This pattern comes with a full step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube channel too!

    Whale Squish

    coming soon!

    This sweet security blanket is the perfect baby shower gift or baby's birthday gift.  It's so sweet and made almost entirely in one piece, with only the ears to sew on.

    Ollie in Overalls

    Ollie in Overalls (PDF pattern here) features a kitty cat wearing a simple and minimalist pair of overalls!

    Della in a Dress

    Della in a Dress (PDF pattern here) features a sweet bunny rabbit who wears a bow on her head and a classic English outfit.  Her dress has an overalls style along with a ruffled skirt with lace edging.  She wears a long-sleeved shirt underneath the dress, along with stockings and shoes.  You can also include a Peter Pan collar around her neck for some extra cuteness! 

    Hooded Hiro

    Hooded Hiro (PDF pattern here) is a cute puppy dog doll that wears a hoodie sweatshirt!  The hood itself can be removable.  

    This adorable toddler crossbody bag is a huggable and fun buddy to bring along to any shopping trip!  This project requires minimal sewing, with only the arms and optional bow sewn on.  This pattern has a video preview available!

    Video Yarn Review

    Watch my yarn review video to see what I have to say about the Baby Snuggle, AND to get a look at the different projects I've made with it! 

    So, what do you think about the Baby Snuggle Yarn?
    Will you give it a shot?
    Have you used it and loved it?
    Which color(s) stand out to you?
    Which projects would you plan to use it with?

    I'd love to hear from you!  Please share with me in the comments below.