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Protecting Your Kitchen Worktop From Everyday Wear and Tear

Kitchen worktops take a lot of abuse from daily food prep and cleaning. Over time, this constant use can leave worktops looking a little worse for wear. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce the effect of daily use and keep your lovely worktop as shiny as the day it was installed. This post will delve into these possibilities and offer advice you may not have seen elsewhere.

Consider Installing A New Top With High-Quality Stone

Although this first suggestion may not be feasible for some due to the associated costs, if at all possible, you may find that installing a brand-new stone worktop is the best choice. When you change over to a stone kitchen top, you are not only improving the overall aesthetics of your kitchen but are creating an extremely robust top to work on. According to the experts of Quartz Worktops in London, quartz is particularly beneficial as it isn't easily chipped or scratched. This means that no matter what you throw at it (within reason), it will remain looking amazing throughout its lifetime. If you go down this route, bear in mind that you will need specialist fitters to measure and install it due to the challenging nature of working with stone.

Clean Up Spills Before They Stain

As any homeowner knows, kitchen accidents happen, and various fluids get spilled, or food finds its way onto the countertop. However, if you want to keep things looking spic and span, it's crucial not to allow these messes to sit and be absorbed into the material. While this isn't too much of an issue with stone or metal, it can still cause a blemish. Worktops made of timber tend to be porous, so food liquids and acids can penetrate deeply if not promptly wiped away. By attending to spills immediately with a damp cloth, homeowners can prevent discoloration and protect the worktop's appearance.

Invest In Heat-Resistant Silicone Trivets

One of the best ways to damage your beautiful countertop over time is placing hot pans on top of it and allowing it to burn. This is more common than you might believe, especially in the heat of the moment when you have numerous dishes to attend to, and you have to take a pot of the heat while you tend to something else. To avoid issues, investing in a range of heat-resistant silicone trivets that form a barrier between the hot cooking utensils and your counter is worthwhile. You don't have to use silicone per se, but it's a great material that lasts a long time and, most importantly, is easy to clean!

Protect With A Countertop Sealant

Another step to protecting your worktops is regularly sealing the surface. As mentioned earlier, many materials like granite and wood are porous and need a protective layer to prevent long-term damage. The sealant forms a barrier, helping liquids and chemicals bead up rather than seeping in. With a fresh sealant layer, homeowners can better maintain their worktop's pristine appearance over the years, no matter what gets spilled or left sitting.

There you have it, a few suggestions to help you maintain an attractive kitchen counter. By following the tips outlined here, you should ensure your counter lasts long into the future and remains looking fantastic.