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Free Crochet Pattern Roundup of Amigurumi for Anxiety, Sensory, & Autism · Fidget Toys, Therapy Toys, Worry Dolls, & More!

I've shared before about how the process of crocheting is a therapy for me.  But isn't it also neat that the finished product can serve as a therapy tool too?

Amigurumi can definitely be more than just cute toys.  They can bring joy, a sense of calm, some unique sensory input, and more.  Many of the amigurumis I'm about to share are small in size, which make them portable and easy to carry around in pockets.  Little ones who can benefit from having these as extra security will certainly cherish these dolls.

These amigurumi dolls and toys can be helpful for children and adults who have...
  • Anxiety
  • Sensory difficulties
  • Attention and focus difficulties
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Depression (and other mental health needs)

Therapy Tips

Here are a few ways you can make your amigurumi the optimal therapy or coping tool. 
  • Place a small, cloth satchel of lavender in the center of the toy when you are stuffing it.  If the amigurumi is too small for that, add a drop of lavender essential oil or give it a spray of lavender mist.  (Studies suggest that lavender is effective in promoting relaxation and easing anxiety, though you can also add your favorite scent!)
  • Take deep, slow breaths while squeezing the amigurumi.  Close your eyes during the process if that helps. 
  • Rubbing the amigurumi's surface (or feeling for the poly-pellets inside the Worry Pet) can provide a comforting sensory input.
  • If it's for a child, introduce the amigurumi as a buddy who wants to help the child's worries go away.
  • If your child uses the Zones of Regulation for self-regulation and emotional control, you can crochet the amigurumi using GREEN yarn.  That way, the pet can serve as a visual reminder for your child that he/she is working to return to the Green (calm, "ready to learn") zone. 

If you know someone who can benefit from these dolls, they make wonderful gifts.  I've also made a few for myself and they live in my work desk, as I sometimes struggle with pretty bad anxiety during the day.  

You can PIN this page to your Pinterest crochet board to save for later!

Additionally, I also have some free flashcard printables for a kids 7-min HIIT animal workout!  It's free to download from my blog and can be another helpful tool for emotional regulation (as well as fun movement and exercise activities).

Without further ado, let's check out the roundup of free patterns below.  Click on the title or picture to navigate to the pattern page.  Happy crocheting!

Crochet Roundup of Amigurumi for Anxiety, Sensory, & Autism

Worry Pet

The Worry Pet is the easiest (and quickest) one of the bunch to make! This little guy is the perfect one to try out for complete beginners. You can even fuzz up the yarn to make it look like "fur" by using a dog brush.


Tiny-Rex is an adorable pocket dino pattern that requires NO SEWING! Yay! It looks adorable in super bulky velvet yarn but you can also make a cute baby or keychain size with medium weight (or thinner) yarns. This pattern also comes with a full step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube channel

Pocket Dragon

The Pocket Dragon is Tiny-Rex's cousin! This little dragon may be tiny, but he's absolutely precious! He's a minimal-sew project as he's completely no-sew except for his wings.  This pattern comes with a full step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube channel too!

The Flipper Friends is a 3-in-1 pattern that includes instructions for crocheting a pocket whale, narwhal, and dolphin! These underwater sea critters are crocheted in one piece (no-sew) and come with a free video tutorial. 

Pocket People

The Pocket People pattern is a no-sew doll that works up very quickly! They are easily customizable and can be made into "mini me" dolls. They have some head and hat accessories to choose from, including pigtails, a bonnet hood, and a baseball cap.

Pocket Chicken Family

The Pocket Chicken Family is a 3-in-1 pattern that includes a mother hen, baby chick, and their cozy nest. All three are crocheted in one piece (no-sew).  The chickens are available as a free video tutorial.  

The Granny Square Chicken is created from two granny squares, and doubles up as a lovely scent sachet! Just add a small pouch of lavender inside for its calming effects.

This adorable little frog is no-sew and quick and easy to work up! It uses yarn color changes on its belly, making it a dual-toned doll.

Good Luck Duck

The Good Luck Duck is a pocket duckling pattern that is no-sew and works up very quickly!  A full, step-by-step video tutorial is available for this free pattern.

Mosaic Goldfish

The Mosaic Goldfish pattern features a colorful no-sew fish with 4 different scale designs to choose from! The ribbed tail and textured stitches on the body offers different sensory feels. This versatile pattern can also be customized with lots of different color combinations!

Baby Axolotl

A baby axolotl will melt anyone's heart! This no-sew pattern is quick and easy to work up, and can be made with different fibers/yarn weights to produce different sizes! 


Octobuddy is a sweet octopus amigurumi that's perfect for calming down. They have squishy bodies, tentacles that provide lots of great texture and sensory input, and they look absolutely adorable. Comes in TWO sizes: big and small!

Octopus Squish

These little guys are also crocheted completely in one piece and look fantastic in different types of yarns/fibers.  You can also check out my free video tutorial on the pattern page if you want to crochet along with me!

If you want an even smaller and faster octopus, try my free Baby Octopus pattern (also includes video tutorial), which takes only 10 minutes!  You can make it gift-worthy with the free Valentine's Day gift tags printable, which matches the octopus theme.

Baby Jellyfish

This baby jellyfish has a very squishable top and long coils that are calming to pull on, twirl, or fidget with.  I have both a "baby" and "mommy" size, so if the little one is too small, you have a big version to croche too!  What's awesome is that the Baby Jellyfish pattern is available as a downloadable PDF pattern, so be sure to check that out!

Pocket Kitty Cat

This adorable kitty cat pattern has a bow and collar! It comes with a free Youtube video tutorial.

Pocket Mouse

This wee mouse is so sweet and small! Looks great in blanket yarn or in thinner cotton/acrylic yarns.

Catnap Kitties

The Catnap Kitties are crocheted in one piece and are addicting to make! Customize them using your favorite color combos. This pattern is part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!

Bedtime Babies

The Bedtime Babies is a human version of the Catnap Kitties above!  These little dolls come with bonnets that can be removed.  This pattern is part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!

The Bedtime Bunnies are more rounded dolls than the similar-looking Catnap Kitties above.  They come with tiny bows.  This pattern is part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!
The Comfort Critters are my favorite of this roundup because they have tiny limbs that are SO fast to work up!  If you're looking for that extra detail to stand out from the armless and legless dolls above, this one's it.  This pattern is also part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!


These cute beds are NO-SEW projects, meaning it's made using crochet methods only.  Very quick to work up and fun for little ones to tuck their dolls in!  Complete the mini dolls above by making it a play set with this bed.

Carrying Bags / Pouches

These tiny pouches are also NO-SEW, made using crochet methods only.  They can be turned into necklaces or keychain charms.  They're very quick to work up and are the perfect little carrying bags for taking the portable mini dolls on the go.

Hope you will enjoy these patterns!  If you'd like to show your appreciation, I invite you to check out 5 Ways to Support my Blog.  Thank you so much for helping me keep this site running with free patterns!  

Warm wishes,