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Cat Sculptures

The Basic History Behind Cat Sculptures

Almost everyone finds cats adorable and cute. We often see a compilation of videos of cats doing random things because people find them adorable. Some may even say that cats and the internet are a match made in heaven since there are thousands of cat pictures everywhere on it. But cats have not always been enjoyed like this since the being. Throughout much of history, cats were seen as a symbol of witchcraft and black magic. It took several decades for people to see them as creatures worth worshipping. Over time, in ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian civilization, cat sculptures became an important figure within their culture as they saw this animal as a creature that could be worshiped.

The Reputation of Cats in Ancient Times

In Ancient Greek methodology, cats were seen as evil, but in Egypt and Ancient Rome, cats were seen with great importance. In Rome, cats were associated with the goddess Diana who was the goddess of the hunt and the moon, along with a few other things such as chastity. In Ancient Egypt, the Sphinx represented either a lion, a human, or sometimes even a cat. It was seen as a great god, but not always in a good light as the Sphinx was considered to be a cruel and evil creature who would eat anyone who did not answer its questions. While it wasn’t viewed in the best light, cats were still worshiped with fear.

Cats in Art

Cats have been a popular muse for many paintings through many centuries. Although the paintings in which they have appeared are not as popular or familiar, there are some notable ones, such as the seventeenth century Abraham Teniers painting of barbershops with cats and monkeys. Even Picasso created a painting with cats in it; while it is not as famous, it is still artwork done by one of the greatest artists in history.

Cats have been a muse for many people for several centuries. They are loved creatures in today’s day and age. Many people debate whether someone is a cat or dog person as these two animals have become the most common pet choice worldwide.

Cats and Their Symbolism

Cats are known by a very common statement that says that every cat has nine lives. The statement symbolizes that a cat is a sign of rebirth and resurrection hence why they have nine lives. While scientifically speaking, cats do not have more than one life, their ability to withstand high falls and avoid close deaths has given them a reputation for living a long life.


Cats are lovable creatures but can be unruly sometimes as they like to be independent and are always conscious of their surroundings. Undoubtedly, these creatures appear to be quite majestic looking with their sharp eyes, and stealthy speed, which is why people are getting crazy over cat sculptures are in today’s society, and almost everyone owns some kind of cat statue or décor.