Pattern Testers Wanted for Octobuddy!

by - January 14, 2022

Dear fellow crocheters,

I'm on the lookout for a couple pattern testers who can help me out with testing my newest amigurumi design, Octobuddy the Calming Octopus!  

It's a no-sew pattern that is super quick, easy, and beginner-friendly.  The PDF pattern includes two sizes (large and small), and I will ask you to please test both sizes.

If you're interested, please read the information below for the requirements of this test, and how to apply.  (Don't delay, the sign-up form will be sent out to my mailing list on 1/15/2022 at 6pm PST!)

What is pattern testing?

Pattern testing is big favor that I'm asking of interested crocheters to help me with, to make sure my pattern is well-written and clear before it gets published! 

I'm a beginner. Can I test?

While I love beginners, this project's level of difficulty is more suited for intermediate and advanced crocheters.  I also have a tight deadline to meet, so I will require experienced testers for this.  If you are a beginner, I recommend taking your time and starting with beginner-friendly patterns without having that time constraint.  (Feel free to check out my free pattern page, which contains patterns that are mostly beginner-friendly!)

Which materials are needed for this test?

  • Any weight/color/fiber yarn!
  • Any suitable hook for the yarn you are using to avoid gaps in your amigurumi
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Plastic safety eyes
  • Scissors
  • Optional: yarn needle for sewing eyelashes and mouth
The only rule I have for this test is to use the same yarn and hook for BOTH the large and small octopi.  

What are you looking for in a tester?

Interested and experienced crocheters are encouraged to sign up! As a tester, you will be expected to do the following:
  • Finish crocheting this project in half a month. (Tester will be selected on 1/16 and the test deadline will be on 1/23.)
  • Read and understand written patterns in US Terminology
  • Proofread the written pattern for errors and typos
  • Provide feedback about the pattern, such as recommendations for improvement
  • Take clear photos of the finished product under natural lighting
  • Allow me to share photos of your finished product on my blog and social media sites (I will credit you as the crocheter, of course!)
  • Be willing to share the photos on your own social media (Facebook, Instagram), a crochet or amigurumi doll group page, and/or Ravelry

How do I sign up?

If you're ready to sign up to be a tester, sign up for Sweet Softies' mailing list (where I send out pattern testing opportunities and freebies) and watch out for an email coming your way on Saturday, 1/15, 6pm PST!

Thank you so much for your offer to help me, and I look forward to selecting a tester soon!  

Best wishes,

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