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Crocheter's Review of the KUBX Pro Mobile Storage Cart

This is my review on the KUBX Pro Mobile Storage Cart, which is specially designed to meet the organizational needs of hobbyists!  I'm looking at you, fellow artists and crafters 馃槈 

Be sure to scroll down on this page for an exclusive 20% off code as a gift for my readers!  I also have a video review available if you'd like to see my cart in use.

    One of my biggest challenges as a crafter is having an organized "system" for my supplies and materials!  If you've been crocheting for many years like I have, you can probably relate to the pain and challenge of finding a good fix for storing crochet notions, supplies, and other materials.  

    I have been using plastic carts, wire mesh baskets, bins, baskets, baskets, and more makeshift baskets... and I feel like I'm still disorganized and messy.  It takes me a while just to set up my crafting space, having to pull out different materials from so many different locations, and the clean-up is annoying because it takes that same duration of time to put everything away!  It really takes away from the experience of crocheting and my desire to start a project sometimes.  Since I'm wanting to crochet in locations other than my main room, where all my supplies are stored, I went on a hunt for a mobile solution.  Who wouldn't love to crochet anywhere in the house, such as cozily in front of the TV on the living room couch?  

    I recently came across the KUBX Pro Mobile Storage Cart, and am completely obsessed with it.  It's an incredibly well-designed cart that is perfect for meeting the needs of my fellow creatives who are involved in arts and crafts!  It really allows you to keep everything together so you can focus on your creative work, rather than stressing out about organization and messes.

    Special Features

    Appearance: This cart has such a beautifully minimalist design. It is sleek and modern and fits the aesthetic of many craft rooms. I got the white cart, but there are also different color options, such as black and turquoise.

    No Assembly Required: This cart comes already-assembled and ready to use! You literally just need to pop in the wheels, which is super easy to do. No tools, no hassle, no fuss.

    Durable: The KUBX Pro is made of very durable material and drawers, designed to withstand decades of use. 

    Mobile: As the name suggests, it has high mobility as a storage cart. You can roll it from room to room and even lock the casters or wheels in place to keep it in one spot. 

    Storage Compartments

    There are a variety of different storage compartments in this cart.  Let's start with its most iconic feature: three identical storage drawers that swivel open and shut for quick access to small items. It's convenient for storing small craft supplies. I've chosen to stow away a number of different embellishments for my crochet projects here, such as plastic safety eyes, wooden rings, pom poms, buttons, bow and flower appliques, tags, and even some yarn for my next project! I'm awed by its space-saving nature; you can literally have an impressive amount of items stored while feeling very organized! 

    Two sides of the KUBX Cart feature four levels of storage shelves, designed to store things like paint bottles that need to stand upright. Each shelf measures 13.5” W x 3” D x 5” H. 

    A removeable tray separates the first and second shelf, and another one separates the third and fourth shelf. Removing these trays between the shelves doubles the height, creating more room for taller objects like spray paint cans. What's awesome is that removable trays not only provide spacing and dividers when needed, they are also a lot easier to clean!

    There is even a removable palette tray that can be placed at the very top of the cart.  

    Every surface is designed with a lip around the edge to prevent objects from falling to the floor. This is most evident on the top of the cart. Besides the paint pallet, there are three other recessed compartments to place objects for safe keeping while you work.

    There is a second hidden compartment on the top of the tray designed for rolls of paper and other similarly tall, compact items. It measures 2.5” w x 2.5” x 11” H. If you'd like to keep this compartment closed, there is a plastic lid available for you to fit perfectly in that space. As you can see, I stuck my ruler here for easy access, as I'm often needing to measure my crochet work and amigurumi projects! 


    The last storage feature I'd like to share about is a large compartment at the bottom of the cart underneath the swivel drawers that measures 13” x 8” x 11” tall. It's perfect for storing bulky objects, such as these huge Hobbii Bungee skeins!


    Discount Code

    Be sure to apply the 20% off code below when you purchase the cart here on Amazon.com.

    Video Review

    A video of this review is available if you'd like to see the cart in use!


    I hope you've found this review to be helpful.  Again, I highly recommend the KUBX Pro Mobile Storage Cart to meet the organizational needs of crocheters and crafters alike!

    If you have any further questions about my experience with this cart, drop it as a comment on my video and I'll get back to you! 

    Happy crafting, my friends~