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6 Ways You Can Use Pins In Everyday Wear

Pins can add a touch of personality to any outfit and can be a great way to show support for a cause or your love for a hobby. However, unless you’re a fashion savant, it can be challenging to think of new ways to show off your pins without being too obvious. Luckily, pins are a fashionable accessory that you can use in almost any aspect of an outfit, depending on the situation and what style you are trying to achieve. So let’s take a look at some of the exciting ways that you can use your beautiful pins on a regular basis.

What Is A Pin?

Before putting the horse before the cart, it is worthwhile to explain what a pin is to the uninitiated and why they are so popular for specific segments of society. Lapel pins are most commonly thought of when discussing pins (although they can be used in many other ways, as discussed in this post). A lapel pin is a small pin attached to a piece of cloth, typically worn on the lapel of a suit jacket. It is typically an enameled metal or plastic decoration that can be worn as an ornament and often serves as an emblem of membership in an organization or society. The designs are incredibly varied, and you can even make DIY and 3D printed options to better represent what you or your organization stands for. These pins are also used to show support for a cause or organization or simply as a fashionable accessory to add a je ne sais quoi to an outfit. However, regardless of why you wear your pin, knowing how to wear it is essential to make the most significant impact. So let’s dive into the various ways in which you can make your allegiances known or to add flair to your wardrobe.

On Your Lapel

As mentioned previously, pins are usually worn on lapels. A lapel pin is a piece of jewelry that can be attached to the lapel of a suit jacket, shirt, or blouse and is typically used as an accessory for large groups like school students and sports teams. Politicians may wear the flag of their country along with the logos of their political affiliations as part of their outfits. However, while this is the most visual representation of a lapel pin, others might use it to show their support of a charity, military service, or a raft of other equally important reasons.

Pin It To A Backpack

Another common place to tack a pin to is a backpack. This is more common among school children and students, but this isn’t limited to one segment of society. Pinning them to a bag is a great way to show support for a cause without wearing them on your clothing (if this is prohibited in your line of work, for example). However, if you go down this route, you need to ensure you secure them sufficiently to reduce the chances of them falling off. Moreover, if you have enamel pins, you will need to take extra care to avoid them breaking due to reckless bag usage.

Place Them On A Hat

If you want to be a little more on the nose, you can place your pin or pins on your hat. While this is less common than in other locations, it can serve to present your style to others and make an ordinary hat stand out. You can pin them on almost any type of hat you can imagine, from baseball caps to beanies.

Stick Them On Another Accessory Like A Scarf

When in doubt, you can always accessorize your accessories! One of the best places to use them is by pinning them onto a scarf, which creates an attractive focal point for your overall outfit. Moreover, you can use a pin to secure your scarf in ways usually unavailable without, creating a new and exciting look.

Pin Them To Your Belt

Make a bold statement by adding pins to the loops of your belt. Your belt loops have holes that are the perfect size to push pins through, and by doing so, you can add style to an otherwise dull piece of attire.

Put It On A Tie

The humble necktie is no longer the domain of men and is now worn by both sexes for various reasons. However, regardless of the politics of tie-wearing, anyone can use a pin on their tie to stand out from the crowd and look fantastic.

Hopefully, these tips can help you find ways to incorporate all of your pins into your daily work and play activities. From adding a personal touch to a boring outfit to presenting your beliefs and convictions to the world, you can use pins for almost any occasion.