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Simple, Elegant Holiday Decorations the Whole Family Will Enjoy Creating

Holidays are among the most wonderful and happiest times of the year. However, between working on a full-time basis, looking for presents for our loved ones, and hosting festivities, things can get out of hand for most people.

You might find yourself in a situation where you do not have enough money to shop for expensive holiday decorations. You might even lack enough time to customize any decorations for your house and family.

However, this does not mean that you need to forget about decorations during the holidays. There are different simple yet elegant holiday decorations the whole family can enjoy creating together. The secret is working together to personalize gifts for your family.

Working Together to Personalize Gifts for Extended Family

One of the easiest ways to beat the stress that comes with shopping for gifts while still working and planning for festivities is by working together as a family to personalize gifts. This can work wonders for busy families with children.

Instead of spending money on expensive gifts for your extended family, you can sit down with your family and discuss some simple but elegant decorations and gifts you can give to other family members.

For instance, you can give a custom calendar to other family members as a holiday gift. These calendars are easy to design. You can look for photos of yourself and the family members you want to gift and use them to customize the calendars.

Other simple and elegant holiday decorations the whole family will enjoy creating include;

Pasta Designed Wreath

You can make your home cozy and inviting using a pasta-designed wreath placed outside your house. Instead of using the same wreath as any other family, get a simple handmade wreath for your house.

You do not need to invest a lot of money in making this wreath. It is designed using pasta. You will need farfalle pasta, spray paint, glue, and a paper plate. You can also get pine cones and ribbons to embellish the wreath and make it more beautiful.

Candle Holders With Scent

If you visit most homes during the festive season, you will realize that they use silver candlesticks or glass to hold their candles. You can take a break from this tradition by making your own candle holders with a beautiful aroma.

To do this, you will need cinnamon sticks. You will then need to glue them around a candle. You can wrap them with beautiful ribbon or lace. To make them even more beautiful, get some greenery and pine cones to embellish the candle holders.

This way, your house will be infused with a beautiful cinnamon aroma throughout the holiday, without spending a lot of money on either candle holders or any fragrance.

Christmas Tree

Are you looking for a Christmas tree for your home for Christmas? Well, you do not have to spend money buying one. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, you can build your own Christmas tree with your family.

There are different ideas you can implement to create and decorate a Christmas tree that stands out. You will need to look for wooden dowels of different lengths or scrap wood pieces and glue to help in sticking the wooden pieces.

You will also need hanging trinkets or big bows and fairy lights to decorate the tree. You might be surprised by how beautiful this tree can get compared to those bought from decoration stores.

Simple Mason Jars

If you are looking for a simple way to decorate your living room, then you can create simple mason jars with your family. All you will need are green additions, pine cones, lace, and a few pieces of ribbon.

You then need to decorate the mason jars using these additions. Even though they might look cheap, you can use them as charming lamps that brighten the dark sides of your house. You can then add a little salt around the jars to look like falling snow. Adding beautiful flowers in these jars could also liven the place in a cold dreary winter. Rose, jasmines, lilies, and carnations, you name it, and this online flower delivery in Abu Dhabi will have it.

Cone Trees Made With Pasta

Did you know that you can make cone trees using pasta? Well, you might need to create a focal point in your house using some cone trees. Instead of buying the normal ones, you can engage your family in creating some using pasta.

These cone trees are very easy to make. They are also beautiful and make your home quite exquisite. You need glue, spray paint, pasta, and a paper cone to make these trees. You can also use bows, beads, or golden wire to embellish the cone trees.

You do not have to spend money buying your holiday decorations when you can, instead, enjoy creating them with your family. The simple yet elegant decorations discussed above will keep you engaged and save you a lot of money.