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4 Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Kids This Winter

It takes an extra dose of motivation to head outside during winter. It’s cold and cloudy, and it gets dark very early. Staying locked indoors sounds like the best idea, but that may not be the case for your little ones, who can get bored quickly. Plus, outdoor play during winter offers surprising health benefits to their young bodies and gives them several opportunities to explore. Are you planning some outdoor winter activities for your kids but not sure where to start? Here are four things you can do outdoors with your kids this season.

Build colored sculptures

The first and most popular winter sculpture is the snowman. However, you can try something more creative with your kids by building colored sculptures. It’s easy. Start by filling ice cube trays with colored water. You can let your kids choose the colors they prefer. Once you make your cubes, take them out and use them to build the sculptures outside. Let your kids decide what to build, and watch their imaginations run wild. But you can also join them to make it more fun. The snow will provide the best contrasting background for the sculptures, and you can take beautiful pictures of their artwork for keeps.

Host an outdoor winter movie night

Have you ever considered bringing movie night outside? Winter is the best time to host an outdoor movie night. There are no bugs to worry about, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting bitten. Plus, the older members of the family can join in too. You only need a projector or screen with your Bluetooth speaker, and you’re good to go! The most important thing is to keep your little audience warm, which means wearing layered clothes and snuggling under blankets. You can also prepare some hot cocoa or chocolate drinks with warm snacks as a treat.

Turn your kids into winter artists

If you have spray bottles at home, it’s time to turn your kids into winter artists! Fill the bottles with water, then add food coloring. Shake the bottles to mix thoroughly and head outside with your kids. With the snow being your canvas, let your kids spray different artwork. They can try drawing various characters or objects related to Christmas. You can help them get inspiration from different Christmas sources, ranging from Christmas movies to bible stories for Christmas.

Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Some kids may not be excited about going outdoors during winter. If your child hates the outdoors, then a nature scavenger hunt is one activity worth adding to your list to spark their interest. Pick a safe route and write down all the things in nature that you’re likely to encounter in that area. For example, you can list things like falling branches, pinecones, frozen puddles, and animal tracks. Then, set your kids on a scavenger hunt and cross any item they find off the list, or let them take pictures of those items. This game will help your kids appreciate nature while providing a good learning opportunity.