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5 time-saving hairstyles for busy days

Women that spend their days on the go with busy schedules, will want to make sure that their hair looks presentable for the occasion. However, many working women find it difficult to make way with presentable hairstyles while stepping out due to the paucity of time.

To ensure your hair is doable and stylish for every day, we recommend you try a few easy-to-style options when having less time in hand after treating your hair with dry refreshing shampoo before stepping out.

Evergreen High Bun

Your go-to style for any occasion is the high bun. It is simple to adapt to any setting you are in, even while you are in motion. The look involves pulling your entire head of hair up and tucking it behind your back, with a few stray strands hanging down your neck.

It's completely fashionable and ideal for working women who want to spice up their hairstyles with loads of movement and enjoyment!

Hail the Ponytail

A ponytail can be the easiest way to achieve a smart, polished look in seconds flat. As a hairstyle for busy women, this is one of the most efficient and minimalist styling techniques out there.

The simplest, fastest way to get effortless style n’ sprezzatura that makes heads turn. If you like to keep it simple (and you should), a ponytail will give you the smart-casual vibe that's as easy as walking into a yoga class on Friday night and heading straight home after dinner.

Braids to the rescue

A braid on the sides, it is one of the most beautiful hairstyles that you can ever have. It makes you feel glamorous and also speeds up your hair styling time a lot. This simple braid is easy to do and very comfortable for newbies at hairstyling as well.

Simply pull the back section of your hair into a low ponytail, secure with a hair tie. Then wrap small sections around your fingers to create a braid. Secure each section of hair on each side by tying another small elastic band on your left outer earlobe and then repeat on the right side.

Twirl the curl

Twirl your hair like a halo and you will be ready to take on the day. A great way to wear messy hair and maintain it between washes, just do a medium-sized twirl on both sides, then pin into place. To get maximum volume, go ahead and stretch some of your locks so they stretch out.

Straight ironed hair

Looking for a stylish and unusual look that suits you? Watch out: this is a hairstyle that will capture the eye of every passerby. The loose and straight-iron look is a great choice if you're looking to add shine to your locks, while still keeping them healthy and shiny.

The versatile design allows you to style any length and texture of hair, no matter what the occasion, or how much time you have and ensure that you look stunning with minimal effort.