Magazine Sighting!

by - February 02, 2018

Guess what I found at my local Costco! 😏

I was pretty surprised to see "The Winter Crochet Book" by Future Publishing!  Firstly, I didn't know Costco sold magazines.  Secondly, crochet magazines?  Well, that's totally awesome!!

This issue in particular includes my Christmas Angel design, which is one of my favorite designs up to date!  I spent quite some time working and re-working her pattern, to shape her into the form I had envisioned.  She's also quite minimalistic, which is something I appreciate from time to time!

As you can see, I'm kind of very thrilled about this whole thing, and no amount of shame is going to prevent me from writing a post about it! 😅

Anyhow, thanks for sticking by me in this crochet journey of mine!  I'm always floored by the tremendous support that I receive from this loving crochet community. <3

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend ahead!

Warm regards,

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