Little Red Pandora (Darling Dolls Collectible Series)

by - February 14, 2018

The Little Red Pandora pattern provides instructions for crocheting this sweet girl doll, and her red panda outfit.  She works up quickly with her long, slender arms and legs.  She wears a pleated dress skirt with a lovely lining detail, and her hooded capelet and red panda tail are removable for fun dress-up play.  She can also be easily customized to have a fox girl or cat girl outfit as well, by changing yarn colors!

The Little Red Pandora is a member of Sweet Softies’ Darling Dolls Collectible Series!

(Also available on Etsy.)

If you'd like to see this little gal in motion, check out the video below!  Watch as I dress her up in her tiny, red panda hoodie and tail.

I also wanted to share that part of Pandora's quick design is thanks to the way her arms are made.  I'm actually totally in love with her little arms, which are super soft and easy to pose, and gives her an array of body language to express!  Here's a video collection of her various expressions.  Check it out, and enjoy the fun music! 

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