Name This Darling Doll!

by - February 13, 2018

Dear fellow crocheters,

Say hello to this little gal, who loves dressing up in her red panda outfit!  She's part of Sweet Softies' new 'Darling Dolls Collectible Series'!

Like every one of my little creations, she does need a name, and I'd like to recruit your help and input in naming her. 😊

I tend to use alliteration when naming my designs, and was thinking of a name beginning with either "R" or "P" (for "red panda").  I have an affinity for the following: Rae, Rhea, Robin, Piper, Pandora.

While I quite like those names, I'd love to get other ideas and suggestions, too!  If you have thoughts about a name that'd be fitting for her, feel free to share it in the comments below!

Thank you so much in advance!

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