Doll in Korean Attire (Sneak Peek)

by - February 24, 2018

After completing the Little Red Pandora, I decided to create more members for the Darling Dolls series!  I have a lot of ideas, but always struggle with being patient as I slowly turn my ideas into actual, physical creations.  This time, I've decided to begin a line of dolls wearing cultural attire, as I've always really admired fashion and customs (among many other things, such as food!) from different cultures.

Anyhow, my first interest is in designing a Korean doll wearing a hanbok!  Hanboks, traditional Korean attire, seem so elegant, graceful, and yet cute at the same time for me.  I love the characteristically large skirts and the high-cut top, all in beautiful and sometimes very vibrant colors!  Not being very familiar with Korean culture, I asked one of my Korean friends for some help with planning out the design for this doll.  One of the resources she sent me was this website on traditional Korean hanboks, which is a treasure cove full of wonderful and comprehensive details about the topic!  It was so fun to learn about the different clothing articles and accessories.

I've made this doll with a long dress skirt and matching hairpiece, as well as a jacket that I will show in a post soon.  However, I feel that I didn't quite do this doll justice at all, since she's wearing a dreadfully simplified version of a hanbok!  Ah... I will work on achieving greater detail in the future!

For now, I'm wondering what I ought to name this doll's pattern/design.  Should I give her an English/anglicized name?  A Korean name?  Or, a generic label, such as: "Korean Doll in Hanbok"?

I'm stuck in thought!  If you have any suggestions or ideas, I'd love to hear them.  Please do share in the comments below!

Thank you so much in advance, and I can't wait to share with you her full outfit and finished look soon!

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