Sock to Sack · Upcycle Old Socks Crochet Project

by - December 29, 2022

Quirky and cute? Eco-friendly and practical?  Fast and easy?  Sounds too good to be true, but I'm describing my "Sock to Sack" project with all honesty here! Let's take a look at this free crochet tutorial that lets you upcycle socks in a super fun way! 


    Pattern Features

    The “Sock to Sack” is an adorable little pouch that includes a button loop for closure.  It has optional straps that are easily adjustable for length.  You can make it into a crossbody bag, a tiny hand clutch, or more!  

    What kind of socks can I use?

    • Old or unwanted socks
    • Lonely socks
    • Socks with holes in the toe or heel areas
    • Custom or personalized socks
    • Sentimental socks (e.g., newborn, baby)
    • Memorial socks
    Pretty much any type of non-crew sock that still has an intact "leg" portion!  I have a few gorgeous fair isle knitted socks that have since become worn out and sport a few holes.  Since I really admire the colorful design and find it too wasteful to just throw away, I have decided to resuse them! 

    So, don't discard your socks -- save them for this DIY project!

      Is it truly quick and easy?

      Rarely do crochet projects take less than 15 minutes to finish, but this is one of them!  You can anticipate even less time (<10 minutes) if you're making such a sachet or coin bag without the strap portion.  This is truly a fast and easy craft that beginners can make with confidence because the pattern comes with a step-by-step video tutorial. 


      The yarn I used for designing this pattern is the Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/4 yarn.  It is a fingering weight yarn, which worked up nicely paired with a 2.25mm crochet hook.  A super fine (weight 1) or comparable, thin yarn is recommended for this project, as bulkier yarns would be difficult to pull through the sock's fabric.

      I also wanted to add that this project requires very little yarn, so it's a great way to use up those yarn scraps! 

      Gifting & Selling

      If you make these tiny coin pouches from new socks, you can sell it at craft fairs and markets!  You can easily whip it up as a last-minute gift for different occasions as well, such as birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or as a Memorial gift. 

      To make this a memorial craft, you can use the sock of a loved one who has passed away and turn it into a special keepsake in memory of them.  

      To make this a friendship craft or friendship gift, you and your bestie can buy a pair of socks together and create matching pouches!

      This trendy, unisex accessory is suitable for all ages and genders.  For keyword purposes, that includes: toddler, kids, children, teen, teenagers, adult, girls, women, boys, men.

      PDF Pattern

      This PDF pattern includes clear written instructions as well as a full step-by-step photo tutorial with 28 photo references.  It is printable, ad-free, easy to read, and helps support Sweet Softies! (If you enjoy my free patterns, you can consider it as a donation to me when you buy one of my pattern PDFs! It allows me to maintain my blog and continue sharing more free patterns.)

      You can get the PDF pattern from my storeRavelry, or Etsy.


      Free Crochet Pattern

      Terms of Use & Copyright Notice © 2022 Sweet Softies ( You have permission to sell finished products made from this pattern, but you must credit Sweet Softies as the owner/creator of this pattern by linking to my website ( No wholesale. You may not translate, copy, alter, or sell my patterns in part or in whole in any way. My patterns may not be used in video tutorials or teaching online classes. My patterns may be used in teaching in-person classes ONLY with written consent from me. You may link to this pattern but you may not copy any part of the pattern instructions on other websites.

      Crochet Pattern Information

      Level of Difficulty:

      ★☆☆☆☆ Beginner/Easy. Requires familiarity with stitches used (below).

      Stitches/Terms Used:

      • FO = fasten off
      • YO = yarn over
      • MR = magic ring
      • ch = chain
      • sk = skip
      • sl st = slip stitch
      • sc = single crochet


      • Old but clean sock that does not have any holes in the leg portion (holes in heel and toe are fine)
      • Fingering or light weight yarn (I used: Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/4 yarn, a fingering weight yarn)
      • Crochet hook that is small enough to poke through the sock fabric (I used: 2.25mm hook)
      • Wooden button
      • Yarn needle
      • Scissors

      Crochet Instructions

      Ready to start? Crochet along with me in my easy, step-by-step video tutorial! I made this video so that beginners or those who do not read written crochet patterns can follow along and make this project with confidence.

      Thank you for reading, and hope you had a fun time crocheting this project!  If you'd like to help out my blog, feel free to check out my post, "5 Ways to Support my Blog!"

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