Why is WordPress the best CMS?

by - December 09, 2022

WordPress, supports more than 50% of all websites online, and it is the most user-friendly and effective blogging platform currently available on the market. Because of its popularity, hosting companies offer web hosting plans that fully support and integrate with WordPress. They come in two varieties, managed WordPress hosting plan and unmanaged.

What is WordPress?

It is a free and open-source content management system that allows you to host and build websites. To work with WordPress, you do not need knowledge or skills in web development. Anyone from everywhere in the world can edit content easily, thanks to it. If you want to learn more and understand how WordPress works and how it differentiates from CMS, continue to read the following article

What is a content management system (CMS)?

In the past, creating a website required creating a new .html file for each page, either in plain HTML or using a site design tool. However, creating an entire HTML file for each new article you want to write can become tedious at a certain point. A content management system (CMS) like WordPress can help in a situation like this. The website's text and image-based contents, which comprise the unique articles and pages, are separated from the template by the content editing system.

How does CMS work?

By separating the page content from the base, WordPress can generate new HTML files whenever a user accesses your website. The automatic linking of your posts, the creation of a sidebar with links to recent visits, and the editing of archives are all handled by WordPress. You actually do not need to write a single line of HTML code because WordPress runs on HTML template themes that are available to download from the Internet. All you need to worry about is creating content and including images. Essentially you only need to supply the content while WordPress takes care of the website's coding.

What type of websites can you create with WordPress?

WordPress can be easily modified to be used as a static site, such as for your company or organization, an artist portfolio, or even a full site for online shopping. However, WordPress is most frequently used to create blog-style sites, which are really just a collection of posts with a specific time and date when they were published. As you learn more about this CMS, you'll discover that virtually any type of website you can imagine can be created using a WordPress plugin.

Why pick a WordPress when there are other CMS options?

With WordPress, there is an endless list of options you can use in order to make your site as close as possible to your vision. If you have a requirement for your specific needs, such as payment method, two-factor verification, or anything else, there is probably already a plugin that will take care of it. Thanks to WordPress, you are free from coding, so you can easily create your website with the drag and drop interface.

Is WordPress secure?

There have been a few significant hacks over the years, like with any software or operating system, but developers were able to quickly address the issues. There is little possibility of your website being hacked as long as you do regular backups and updates.

Final Words

If you are still not sure if WordPress is the right hosting platform for your website, you can always try its free version and create a trial website. If you are satisfied with the free version you are going to be even more impressed with the paid one. WordPress also has a large following that provides reviews and tips about certain WordPress features and services, you can use them to see if the platform can offer you solutions for your specific needs and requirements.

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