Top Essay Writing Tips for Students

by - December 06, 2022

Lecturers use essays to assess their students' critical thinking strength and ability to put their thoughts into academic writing. But only some know how to write an essay. This is why students visit online writing services, such as

To assess a student's essay, there are several things that lecturers look out for. They consider whether the essay directs the set task directly, has a strong and well-backed position, and uses relevant and authoritative sources appropriately. They also check if the students organize the essay coherently with clear introductory, body and concluding paragraphs.

There are several tips for writing an excellent essay, and this article discusses some of them.

Analyze and interpret your essay topic or question

Your essay should be a specific response being posed to the topic or question you're addressing. Make sure it addresses the question directly, and the first step to doing this is analyzing the question. This ensures you know what is required of you.

Essay questions generally contain three main parts:
  1. Content terms: the key concepts specific to the task.
  2. Limiting terms: the scope of the topic.
  3. Directive terms: what you have to do relative to the content, such as analyze, discuss, evaluate, compare, or define.

Create an outline

Your outline gives focus to your writing. It gives you the plan to follow when crafting your essay. Your outline can change as you continue your research, but it's a good starting point to create your first draft. You can create a mind map or brainstorm your potential outline.

The outline you create doesn’t necessarily have to be formal. So, it can evolve. However, with a strong outline, you'll be able to save lots of time while writing your essay. There are also several writing apps that you can use to create your essay outline easily, such as Dynalist.

Write clearly

To be a good writer, you need to be able to edit yourself. You're responsible for what and how you write your essay. In editing, you make your essay clearer and remove any mistakes. Learning to write essays from your undergraduate days might mean you don't have to seek masters assignment help for your master’s essay.

Editing your essays includes checking your grammar and spelling and ensuring your sentences are clear. You can also find places to add new words to a better understand the text.

Your essay should be about clarity. Your inability to explain a concept clearly may mean that you don't understand it, and your lecturer will note this. So, you must always ask yourself if your writing is clear enough.

Ask yourself if what you've written carries the intended meaning. Is your language simple enough? Will your reader understand what you're saying? You must check your paragraphs to ensure they're simple and understandable.

Your ability to edit is crucial for your writing. In your writing, you'll need help with spelling, grammar and sentences. So, you must be able to edit your work well to pick out these errors. One of the easiest ways to improve your writing is to ask another person to read your essay. They'll find some things in it and be able to give you feedback about your writing.

Use evidence, scholarships and reasonings in your essay

Your essay must be convincing, and the best way to achieve this is by using evidence and reasoning, which include evaluating and referring to relevant scholarship.

Evidence are concrete information supporting your claim, consisting typically of specific facts, examples, illustrations, statistics, and quotations. Reasoning connects evidence to the arguments of your essay. You must evaluate your evidence and prove how it backs your argument. At the same time, scholarship shows the relationship between your argument and other information written on the same topic. You can use scholarship as evidence and reasoning to back your argument.

Write your conclusion

Your conclusion is the last part of your essay sums up everything you’ve discussed in the body paragraphs. It’s a crucial part of your essay that you should take seriously. A genuine essay writing service would always tie the conclusion back to the essay’s main idea to support it. It comes after all your points and rounds them up. It doesn’t introduce a new point to the essay. Typically, it consists of a summary of the points, with a brief analysis of how they affect your argument. Summarizing your essay, you can also mention what you’ve learned in your research.

If you write your conclusion well, your readers will be satisfied with your overall essay and be sure of everything in the paper. While a weak conclusion leaves them confused and wondering what the whole essay is about.


Writing an essay is one of the most common activities to test college students. Knowing how to write your essay is crucial to getting good grades, and this article discusses a few tips to achieve this.

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