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Are Eyeglasses Better Than Contact Lenses? 10 Reasons to Choose Eyeglasses

Do you want to choose options for handling your eye vision? You may select between glasses and contact lenses. Both options are effective in restoring your vision. But each offers its own set of benefits.

For example, eyeglasses can be easier to wear than contact lenses for some people. Others may find that contacts offer a more natural fit.

But are eyeglasses better than contact lenses? We’ll look at ten reasons that could make eyeglasses the better option for you.

Reasons to Choose Eyeglasses Over Contact Lenses

There are many online stores known for fast shipping glasses. These stores can help you find the right glasses for your needs and deliver them to your doorstep within a few days. If you’re ready to shop, check out these ten reasons why you should choose eyeglasses over contact lenses:

Eyeglasses are less expensive than contact lenses.

The price of eyeglasses can vary depending on the brand and materials used. But they’re usually less expensive than contact lenses. If you’re looking to save money, opting for glasses over contact lenses may be the best option for your budget.

Eyeglasses are easier to clean and care for.

Eyeglasses are easier to clean and care for than contact lenses. You’ll need to get your contacts cleaned daily and wear special solutions if you wear contacts. If you wear glasses, clean them with a soft cloth when necessary.

This can be helpful if you forget essential tasks like cleaning your glasses.

Eyeglasses don't dry out your eyes.

Eyeglasses don’t dry out your eyes as much as contact lenses do. This is because glasses cover your entire iris. They don’t let in any air, whereas contact lenses allow some airflow.

If you wear glasses, you won’t have to worry about avoiding activities that irritate your eyes.

Eyeglasses don't cause permanent changes to your cornea.

Eyeglasses don’t cause permanent changes to your cornea. This can happen with contact lenses. This is especially true if you wear the same type of lens for many years.

When you switch from glasses to contacts or vice versa, some changes may occur in your eye shape. So contact lens wearers need an optometrist's approval before switching between them.

Eyeglasses offer better vision in foggy conditions.

Glasses offer better vision in foggy conditions. Eyeglasses are made of optically correct materials. But contact lenses don’t have this built-in fog proofing.

The difference will be apparent when you wear contacts and drive in poor weather. Not only will you have trouble seeing outside, but objects on the road may also appear blurry.

Eyeglasses have a lower risk of causing eye infections.

Glasses have a lower risk of causing eye infections. This is because contact lenses are worn directly on your eyes. This makes them more susceptible to germs that could get trapped underneath.

Suppose you wear contacts for long periods without cleaning them properly between uses. It can increase your chances of getting an infection in your eyes or even on the surface of your cornea.

You can choose from hundreds of different frames.

You can select from hundreds of different frames. This is especially important if you have a specific style in mind that you want to achieve.

You can get prescription sunglasses that filter out blue light and UV rays. This helps prevent eye strain or damage from prolonged exposure to radiation.

Eyeglasses don’t need prescriptions as frequently as contacts.

Another reason glasses are better is that they don’t need frequent prescriptions. If you wear glasses, it can take years before your eyes need an adjustment. Contacts will usually require a new prescription every year or two. This is because of changes in your cornea that occur over time.

This makes glasses better for those who prefer eyewear without constant adjustments.

You can take your glasses off whenever you want.

Glasses are excellent for those who want an option for eye protection to take off whenever possible. This is especially important if you like to swim, shower, or go in the water for any reason.

Yes, contacts can provide the same level of protection. But glasses are more comfortable and easier to remove when you don’t need them anymore.

There is no chance of forgetting to remove contact lenses before bed.

Sometimes, forgetting to remove your contact lenses before bed can cause many problems. This is especially true if you wear soft contacts. These are prone to causing dry eyes and other infections when worn for too long.

Glasses don’t have this issue because they don’t go into your eyes.


These reasons for choosing glasses over contact lenses show that glasses are better for corrective eyewear. If you’re looking for an easy way to correct your vision, opt for glasses instead of contacts.