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How to Find the Best Career Path After Exams

Now that your exams are finished, it’s time to find a job and enter the world of the grown-up professional, but that’s easier said than done because you have your happiness and passions to think about. If you find yourself at a crossroads and you don’t know which to travel, think of it as an opportunity rather than a problem. Read on for some helpful advice for career decisions.

Talk to a creative professional for advice

One of the hallmarks of successful people is their ability to share ideas and collaborate; this makes them successful because they are not living in limitations; instead, they are benefiting from the knowledge and wisdom of other people and accelerating their journey in the world.

If you feel as though you are at a crossroads in your life - perhaps you have recently finished your exams, and you are unsure about taking the next life step, it’s time to consult a creative professional from the Eva Carlston Academy to find out more about your strengths and goals.

Don’t settle for any job; find your passion

There are two ways you can approach life after your exams, you can settle for a secure job that allows you to pay your rent and save some money, or you can pursue a passion that doesn't pay very well - at least at first - but brings you a lot more joy and happiness in your young life.


Take a personality test to discover more

Some people like them, and others loathe them, but whether you agree with their psychological credentials or not, personality tests are an excellent starting point for exploring your personality and suitability for different job roles in the world. Think in terms of broad brush strokes at first.

When you are a young adult studying at college or university, you might think you know yourself pretty well; after all, you are a grown-up person working towards a professional career. The truth is, it can take many years - or even a lifetime - to really understand yourself and life's purpose.


Take time to explore the world for yourself

Chances are you have spent the last few weeks and months stressing about your exam results and what you are going to do with your life when it all comes to an end. Hopefully, you get some good results for your hard work, but that doesn’t mean you should dive into the world of work.

Why not spend some time travelling the world and learning about yourself? A lot of young people take this path, but if you do decide it’s the right choice for you, remember to be responsible about it and keep a journal to help you make educated decisions along the way.

Never stop learning on the happiness path

There is no highway to happiness; instead, it’s a winding path with many digressions; but still, you will have to stay anchored to your mission to discover happiness and life for yourself and generate more of it as you journey onwards. Keep an attitude of open curiosity at every age.