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Choosing the Best Toilet: The Important Facts

Your bathroom toilet is one of the most essential household items. After all, this is where you sit and spend some quality time with yourself.

Choosing a new toilet may not be as exciting as buying a new tub, but it should be given just as much consideration. You have these features to keep in mind: water usage, flush, style, and proportions.

Good toilets don't waste water or generate a lot of noise when they flush. The best ones can even clean the toilet bowl with just one flush, which is really convenient.

While it’s also important to choose the style, color, and price that fits your preference, the toilet's water usage and how it flushes should be taken into further consideration. Therefore, it's crucial to choose toilets from a better brand where you can easily find more durable models.

In this article, we'll discuss what to consider before purchasing a toilet. We'll help you choose something that will be effective, affordable, and comfortable enough that your bum will thank you for it.

Toilet Types

In this modern era, there is a wide range of toilet designs that makes toilet shopping a bit overwhelming.

Close-Coupled Toilet

This toilet is the most traditional and commonly used type. The water tank is positioned at the back of the bowl. Cleaning is simple because there are no nooks and crannies to get into with this design.

Close-coupled toilets can be teamed with a pedestal sink for a well-designed, economical solution. So, if you're in need of an affordable option, this design is often your best choice.

Close-coupled toilets come in two different styles, but both have their benefits. The one-piece is a modern, compact alternative to your standard toilet that also makes cleaning easier. If you're looking for the cheapest option, go with a two-piece instead.

Wall-Hung Toilet

A Wall-hung toilet is the ultimate in contemporary design and will make any bathroom seem bigger as the floor right up to where the toilet is mounted to the wall is visible. The tank is cleverly hidden inside the wall, and no plumbing is visible at all.

The installation needs a wall frame, so this type of toilet is better suited to new bathrooms than being fitted in replacement of an existing toilet.

Corner Toilet

A corner toilet has a tank integrated into the bathroom corner to conserve space. However, the water supply will enter and exit as normal.

Back-To-Wall Toilet

A back-to-wall toilet is a floor-standing one, and it's a discrete choice for a modern, streamlined appearance. It can help make your small bathroom seem spacious by reducing the amount of pipework that is visible. The tank is usually hidden in a unit. This means that you won’t need to worry about any pipes sticking out, and there will be less mess to clean up.

Although it's worth noting that the tank usually isn't included with this toilet, this should be taken into account when buying your new bathroom.

High/Low-Level Cistern Toilet

The cistern or tank is shown and often mounted on the wall with different levels of the toilet, while the toilet flush comes in either a pulley or lever design. The tank and bowl are connected by the pipe. This type of toilet looks great in bathrooms with high ceilings.

Shower Toilet

This is sometimes referred to as a Japanese toilet. This type of toilet is probably the most modern and functional one, as it already comes with a bidet. The water is sprayed down the nozzle to clean you up and finishes with warm air to dry you up. This saves up a lot of toilet paper.

Some models are even fitted with features like odor elimination and an automatic flush. A great option for people who always forget to flush!

Things to Look For in a Toilet

If you want a more contemporary look in your bathroom, choosing the right type of toilet can be challenging with the many options available. Some are more rounded, while others are edgier.

What you're looking for is a toilet that not only complements the rest of the fixture but one that also creates a consistent look and feels to tie everything together. Generally, modern toilets are far easier to clean!

When you're buying a new toilet, make sure you check the specification of its waste outlet. Most toilets are built with a P-trap which goes behind the toilet and out the wall. Some have S-traps that go down to the floor. If you plan to replace your existing toilet, find out what kind of outlet is needed.

The Takeaway

As you shop around for a new toilet, remember that the price isn't always an indication of quality. Sometimes you might feel like a high-priced item is worth the cost because of its good performance. But other times, what appears to be the best-performing toilet isn't actually the most efficient design when it comes to one important factor—flushing power.