Teardrop Hanging Baskets (Free Crochet Pattern + Video Tutorial)

by - December 13, 2019

I'm so excited to share with you my newest free design: the Teardrop Hanging Baskets!


    It's a very quick, easy, and seamless crochet project that is made completely in one piece with no sewing needed.  The loop on top allows you to hang it on a knob or a hook.

    Sir Batwington (FREE pattern) making himself at home in the Teardrop Basket!

    You can use this nifty, little container to put all sorts of things, including trinkets, potted succulent plants, or even your little amigurumis.  Sir Batwington, for example, finds the Teardrop Basket to be quite the cozy home!  

    As you can see, this design comes in several sizes!  I have the original size (medium) in the middle, as well as a small and large variation.  The free, written pattern below is for the SMALL size, but if you'd like the original and large size as well, please check out the PDF file!

    You might have noticed the interesting texture of my baskets, and that's because I used this really neat Chiffon Ribbon yarn from Darn Good Yarn!  It's called the "Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Pack", and I picked the color "Neutral".  The colors I received included: (1) a reddish, burnt sienna, (2) an off-white, (3) an ochre, and (4) a chocolatey, burnt umber skein. 

    Want a discount for Darn Good Yarn products?
    Be sure to use this link for 15% off your entire order!

    I really loved working with this chiffon ribbon ombre pack, and admire the lovely, natural colorations that formed!  Check out my unboxing and review video below to get a closer look!

    I absolutely love this yarn and had so much fun designing the Teardrop Baskets!  With the sturdiness of the yarn, I was easily able to get some lovely structure and definition into my baskets.

    I seriously can't get enough of Sir Batwington in this basket...

    Anyhow, you can save this pattern for later by pinning it on Pinterest!

    PDF Pattern Download (3 Sizes)

    If you'd like to download the beautifully-formatted, ad-free, and easy-to-read PDF version with photo references and all three basket sizes , you can grab it from my store, Ravelry, or Etsy.  Thank you for supporting Sweet Softies designs!


    Free Crochet Pattern

    Terms of Use & Copyright Notice © 2019 Sweet Softies (www.sweetsofties.com). You have permission to sell finished products made from this pattern, but you must credit Sweet Softies as the owner/creator of this pattern by linking to my website (www.sweetsofties.com). No wholesale. You may not translate, copy, alter, or sell my patterns in part or in whole in any way. My patterns may not be used in video tutorials or teaching online classes. My patterns may be used in teaching in-person classes ONLY with written consent from me. You may link to this pattern but you may not copy any part of the pattern instructions on other websites.

    Crochet Pattern Information

    The Teardrop Hanging Basket is a quick, easy, and whimsical container that will serve as a lovely home décor project!  It has a loop that can be hung up on a knob or a hook.  Inside the basket, you can place your cute amigurumi dolls, a potted succulent plant, or other trinkets!  The basket is worked seamlessly in one piece, requiring no sewing. The PDF pattern includes the original basket size, a small version, and a large version, so you can make a nice collection of varying sizes.  The free, written pattern below is for the small size.  These baskets make great housewarming gifts.

    • ★★☆☆☆ Easy / Familiar Beginner
    • Requires familiarity with the stitches used (below), attaching yarn, and sewing pieces together.

    Stitches/Terms Used (US Terminology):
    • MR: magic ring 
    • Ch: chain
    • Sl st: slip stitch
    • Dc: double crochet
    • Dc-inc: double crochet increase (2 dc in same st)

    Small, original (medium), and large sizes are available.

    9” (23 cm)
    10.5” (26.5 cm)
    12” (30.5 cm)
    6” (15.25 cm)
    6.5” (16.5 cm)
    7.5” (19 cm)


    Crochet Instructions

    Important Notes (Read before beginning!)

    • The basket is worked entirely in one piece. 
    • A step-by-step video tutorial is available for this pattern.

    Small Basket Instructions 

    (Note: for the original or large sizes, check out the ad-free, easy-to-read PDF pattern file.)

    R1: In MR, sc 6. Pull ring tight. (6)
    R2: Inc around. (12)
    R3: (Sc, inc) x 6. (18)
    R4: (Sc 2, inc) x 6. (24)
    R5: (Sc 3, inc) x 6. (30)
    R6: (Sc 4, inc) x 6. (36)
    R7: Insert 3 sc in first st, sc around. (38)
    R8: Sc, insert 3 sc in next st, sc around. (40)
    R9: Sc 2, insert 3 sc in next st, sc around. (42)
    R10: Sc 3, insert 3 sc in next st, sc around. (44)

    Sc 5 so that you are now on top of the second of the 3-sc cluster made in R10. This will be the start of the new round.

    R11: Ch 12, sc in same st as the last sc. Sc 8, dec 13, sc 8. Skip the last st. (30)
    R12: Insert 12 sc in the 12-ch loop from R11. Skip the next st. Sl st around.

    Cut a long tail of yarn, approximately 15-18 inches. 

    Finishing Instructions

    Wrap the yarn around the base of the 12-ch loop, then tie it tightly and weave in the ends.

    Congratulations on finishing your Teardrop Hanging Basket!

    Want to make it in the ORIGINAL and/or LARGE sizes?  Purchase the ad-free, easy-to-read PDF pattern file for all three basket sizes!

    Video Tutorial

    Need help with this pattern?  Check out my step-by-step video tutorial below for the smallest size basket!

    Thank you for reading, and hope you had a fun time crocheting this project!  If you'd like to help out my blog, feel free to check out my post, "5 Ways to Support my Blog!"

    Love the Teardrop Hanging Baskets pattern?  

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    If you made this project and would like to share photos, I'd absolutely love to see!  Here are links for sharing your finished creation:

    As always, you are more than welcome to SHARE this post with any fellow crocheters who'd like to try this pattern!  Thank you for reading, and I wish you all a wonderful day! 

    Best wishes,

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    1. Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Pack from Darn Good Yarn is a 5 Bulky not 6 as indicated in your materials. Was this a typo or will the 5 work up the baskets correctly using the 9 mm hook. Yarn is on sale now and I love Darn Good Yarns! Please let me know

      1. Hi! I absolutely recommend getting the Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Pack if you'd like your baskets to look like mine in this blog post, because that's the exact yarn I used! :) On the website, the yarn was listed as a weight "5" (Bulky), but when I received the product, my label read "6" (Super Bulky). I also think that with the flat ribbon yarn that measures 1/4"-1/2" strips, I classify it as heavier than the typical bulky yarn...so if you are using other types of yarns that is not the Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Pack, I'd recommend using regular, super bulky yarn. I hope that helps!

    2. Can u make this with regular worsted weight yarn?

      1. Hi! If you use regular, worsted weight yarn, I'd recommend holding it doubled if possible. This way you can combine the weights to become bulky or super bulky yarn, and you'll end up with a basket that is more similar to my basket's size. Otherwise, if you use a single strand of worsted weight yarn, I would recommend using a smaller crochet hook to go with it (so you don't have big gaps between your stitches), though that would end up creating a smaller basket size. Just things to consider! I hope this helps!

    3. How does a person get a free copy of your patterns, that say they are free. It won't let you copy the instructions, so I'm suppose to sit at my computer to be able to crochet?

      1. Hi! The pattern is posted for free on my blog. Many of my followers who want to make the free pattern crochet as they have the page open. If you want to have a downloadable, ad-free, printable pdf file, it is available for a small fee that greatly helps small time designers like me. It takes me a long time to write a pattern and it helps offset some of my materials cost to keep coming up with new designs. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    4. hi, I followed your video to make the small sized one and I loved it but I cannot find the pdf for the two larger sizes

      1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed the video tutorial! The PDF is linked in this post with the “pattern preview” image, but here’s the direct link: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/teardrop-hanging-baskets

        Happy crocheting! Hope you’ll enjoy the other two sizes! ��

    5. hello! I really love this pattern! I hope you make more things and your site is the best thing i have discovered... please do not stop crocheting :))) i also always wanted to know your name...is it Jade King or Jasmine Wang? either way , both are lovley.I also think that you could do a round-up for the desk details patterns on your blog,like cactus couple,loving you flower pot, and bunny and unicorn cupcakes...HAPPY CROCHETING!

      1. Hi dear, thank you so much! I go by Jade. ^_^ I certainly love your idea of doing a roundup of desk-buddy type of patterns! So far, the best plcae to look for them would be in my "free patterns" page (https://www.sweetsofties.com/p/free-patterns.html) or my amigurumi page (https://www.sweetsofties.com/p/amigurumi.html)!

    6. Thank you for this pattern ! I have many ribbob yarn , in my stash , a perfect use them !Love your pattern!!

      1. So awesome to hear! Have fun crocheting wtih the ribbon yarn; I'm sure it'll turn out beautifully! :)

    7. I ordered and paid for the PDF, but I want to make a large basket and instructions only give size not pattern including instructions for number of stitches for size large.