Free Coffee Cup Printable for Crochet & Knit Coffee Sleeves

by - December 08, 2021

It's a lot of fun to crochet and knit coffee sleeves during the hot-drink-sipping seasons of Fall and Winter!

Download this free gift here!

What's even better is to GIFT them to your loved ones, friends, and co-workers, and a presentable way to do so is by putting them on some printed 2D coffee cups! 

    These printable cups are fantastic for showcasing your lovely work.  All you need to do is to print it on cardstock paper, cut it out, and slip your cup cozy on!

    Download Your Printable

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    Two Versions Included 

    1. Blank, for you to write your own personalized notes on, if you'd like!
    2. Labeled, with "handmade for you" messages!

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    Free Cup Cozy Patterns

    If you'd like some easy and stylish cup cozy patterns, be sure to check out these FREE patterns below!

    Northwest Coffee Sleeve 

    This sleeve features the easy but lovely Suzette Stitch and is crocheted in turned rows.  It results in a flat piece that is wrapped around the cup and buttoned up, requiring some sewing for the buttons.  Check out the free written pattern (with a link to the matching cup coaster pattern) or the video tutorial.

    Faux Knit Coffee Sleeve

    This no-sew cozy can be crocheted in just 15 minutes! It is worked in the round and made completely in one, continuous piece with no required buttons.  You just slide it onto your cup!  It features a beautiful knit-look stitch, despite being made with crochet methods only.  Check out the free written pattern or the video tutorial.

    I hope you'll have a fun time crocheting! 

    All the best,

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