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How to Use Community Engagement to Boost Your Craft Business

Creating some beautiful arts and crafts to sell is one thing; promoting them effectively is another thing entirely. If you are unable to promote effectively, then you are going to end up with a large amount of stock piling up. One great way to promote your business effectively is to concrete on community engagement over and above advertising per se. By taking into the local and online communities, you can build a rapport, increase beans awareness and advertise as a by-product.

Remember the Human Factor

If you have social media platform and want to make the most of it, you should remember the human factor whenever you post something. It is all fine a good post an image of your craft. However, how does this add value in someone’s life. Can you post images with people in and describe how a person feels when they own your crafts. If you do get out in hew local community, perhaps you can post images of people having a go at making one of your crafts. This can show your fin side as well as how difficult it is to actually create something as highly skilled as your product. Social media is social, so make it as fun, lighthearted, and social-minded as possible. If you constantly just upload imaged of finished items to be sold, you will soon bore your customers. Lets them have a look at the process in a fun way.

Your Brand

To help connect with your community, you need a well-thought-out and appropriate brand. This includes an attractive logo, plus all the meaning behind it. Your brand is your philosophy on life and business. It is your personality, it is your socioeconomic point of view, it is your core values, ethic, and ethos. Whenever you reach out to your community, always use it as a chance to promote your brand. So, have some key messages created that all relate back to your core meaning. Ensure all this is backed up on your website for cohesion to ensure you develop trust and loyalty.

Local Events

Not only are local events a great way to show how you can add value to the local community, but it is also a great photo op chance for your social media accounts. Find out where and when local events are taking place and contact the organizers. It is with all probability that they will be more than happy for you to hold a craft stall. Use this chance to show off your skills and ensure everyone goes away with a logo encrusted freebie, such as what you would find at 4allpromos. Also, consider hosting your own event and inviting other local businesses to join in.


There may even be scope for you to be able to offer apprenticeships to local youngsters. Opportunities are sometimes very limited in certain areas, and if you can add value in this way, then it is a must-do thing. Depending on what your craft is, too, there may well be a lack of people being able to do it.