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5 Rest-Enhancing Tips to Help You Wake Up Feeling Creative

Wellness and proper rest are important for any kind of creativity. The quality of your sleep affects how much rest you get as well as how good you feel the next day. Read on for some tips to create a restful atmosphere so that you can restore your body and mind and wake up feeling creative.

1. Take care of your chores. 

Taking some of tomorrow’s chores off your plate can help you relax and get a little extra shut-eye. Small chores you can tackle before bedtime might be tidying up your home office, doing your dirty dishes, or picking out the next day’s clothes the night before.

2. Set limits on screen time. 

Instead of watching television or scrolling through your phone right before bed, try reading or writing. It’ll help you decompress and set your mind on rest, not to mention keeping blue light from tricking your brain into wakefulness.

3. Drink a nighttime tea. 

Drinking tea can be a great way to unwind and aid your digestion before you settle in for the night. Tea has a myriad of health benefits. For example, chamomile tea has calming effects, and lavender tea can be used as aromatherapy. Check out Tommy John’s infographic at the end of this article to see nine different teas and how they induce relaxation.

4. Create a cleansing routine. 

Your hygiene is important. A hygiene routine might include brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and washing your face. While you walk through the steps of your routine, you should keep your intention to take care of yourself in mind. Use the routine to remove any negative energy from the day in order to start fresh tomorrow.  Another great way is to utilize gem bottles, such as the clear quartz variation for cleansing your mind and body of negative energy.

5. Meditate or listen to soothing music. 

Meditation and music can either go hand-in-hand or be enjoyed separately. Meditation can help you release stress and tension from the day. While you meditate, pay close attention to your thoughts while practicing deep breathing. If you choose to put on soothing music, it can trigger hormones that will make you feel at peace.

Whether you resonated with just one of these tips or all of them, we encourage you to use inspiration from this post to create a nightly routine. After about three weeks, your mind and body should fully adjust to your new routine and you’ll be sure to get a better night’s sleep that will boost your creativity the following day.

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