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How Can an Expert Plumber Help Minimize Your Water Bills?

The vibrant people of Amherst are the ideal combination of beauty and brains. Surrounded by nature and home to the UMass Amherst, Amherst College, and Hampshire College, the city is buzzing with youthful vibes and scenic calmness. The city’s culture and heritage attract more students to the prestigious universities and make it the most populous in Hampshire County.

The Amherst Town council unanimously approved an increase in the water bill from 1st July 2021. The hike will entail a median increase of $40 in the household water bill in the city. However, you can work with an expert plumber Amherst NH, and ensure that your bill is minimized to counter this hike.

Here’s how hiring a plumber will help you save money.

Help Install New Fittings and Fixtures

A typical showerhead dispenses 9.5 liters of water per minute. Therefore, a 10-minute shower will mean using 95 liters of water. You can replace this old showerhead with a new-age, technically-advanced, and water-efficient showerhead that dispenses 7.6 liters per minute. It results in 76 liters of water per 10-minute shower. You save 19 liters of water per shower. Similarly, replacing old taps and faucets with water-efficient ones can help you save significantly on your monthly water bill.

Help Fix Leaks and Drips

Visible leaks are usually repaired quickly, but there may be invisible leaks that can dampen your utility bill (metaphorically). Hidden leaks are generally in the pipes inside the walls or underground but can damage the flooring and walls. Therefore, having your house inspected by an expert plumber, Amherst NH, and getting all drops and leaks fixed can result in a lower water bill for your home.

The Plumber will Help Install Low-Flow Flushes

Traditional toilet flushes use about five gallons per flush (GPF), while low-flow ones use only 1.6 GPF. Another option is installing a dual flush system that gives you two flushing options: less than 1 GPF and 1.6 GPF. These two flushing modes help you conserve more water per flush. If installed correctly by a professional plumber, you can also get relief on your electricity bill as they put a lower strain on the water pumping system, resulting in all-around savings.

They will Check and Replace Aerators on Water Faucets

Aerators are the little net fittings that go into the chrome cap of the faucet and determine the amount of water dispensed when you turn on the tap. The aerator will control the flow of water and give you a feel of more volume by adding tiny air bubbles into the water.

The aerators can get damaged partially or entirely, and you may not notice it. A damaged aerator will dispense more water, thus increasing your water usage. Calling a plumber to check all the aerators in your house and replace all the damaged ones can go a long way in reducing your water bill.

With utility costs increasing in Amherst, you must reduce your water usage as much as possible if you want to save some money. An expert plumber can help you make the changes mentioned above and help save significantly on your monthly water bill. Let the water flow in the beautiful Fort River and not into the drain.