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Top Trending Toys Your Kids are Already Obsessed With

Doll stroller and crib

It doesn't matter who your child will put there - a doll, a favorite excavator, a plush rabbit, or a live cat - the main thing is that doll furniture and a stroller are great for role-playing games (and around the child's third birthday you will understand how you need them).

Toy cars

Almost everyone loves toy vehicles. And while the time for transformers and monster trucks has not yet come, it is better to give preference to small wooden cars that are convenient to take for a walk, pleasant to hold in your hand, and almost impossible to break (which is very important not only at an early age but also during age crises and behavior like "Hulk smash!").

Toy kitchen

The kitchen is a rich source of imaginary food and free time for toddlers' parents. The more recognizable objects there, like a microwave, blender, and toaster, the more you can twist, poke, and press, the longer you can drink your real coffee in silence (and eat imaginary pasta, of course).


This is not just a toy, this is a whole entertainment - for family evenings, for long winter vacations, for cozy home tea with guests. An uncomplicated children's game that will serve more than one generation. And you can learn to play it at a very early age. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s not a problem: for example, such a successful domino can at first be used to examine, fold turrets and study the colors of the names of fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits

Speaking of fruits and vegetables! You can buy them separately! Wooden pledge of a healthy lifestyle in every home! Learn the names of vegetables and fruits, feed them toys, make healthy meals for the whole family, sell them in the store - in general, indispensable props for games that will not rot and wrinkle in the process.

Reliable plush friend

A large (but not too large) plush toy everyone needs. To hug, share secrets, fall asleep together, bathe in a puddle (almost inevitable), and then excitedly watch her through the window of the washing machine. A touching friendship with a plush friend like the peekaboo elephant toy is a childhood classic that never gets old.

Wooden road

Every car needs a wide highway! Yes, such that with a bridge, lanterns, pedestrian crossings, and a dividing strip. How many evenings can the whole family spend driving cars, coming up with stories, and explaining traffic and safety rules on the roads and in cars? See how lovely it is (and you don't have to fiddle with the assembly, it's not that complicated).

Set of dishes

Not all dollhouse dishes should be made of prickly plastic of flashy colors, there is also another one - wooden, pleasant to the eye and hands. Such dishes will look equally good at tea-drinking with dolls and on Instagram photos. Profit!

Musical instruments

There will be no silence - you realized this as soon as you had a child. If you don't want a young drummer banging cymbals with a spoon or a metal typewriter on a laptop, you better channel his musical talent in the right direction. Buy him a bright metallophone, a drum, and even (why not) a guitar.

Magnetic or chalkboard

A great thing is that a canvas for drawing a scribble over time can turn into a convenient platform for exchanging important messages within the family. You don't have to look for a board that combines both sides - magnetic and chalk - just choose one that suits you best (and no confusion with markers).

Carpentry tools/workbench

I don’t want to slip into the standard cliches that “all boys want to be like a dad,” so let's just say that the thoughtful process of hammering in nails and tightening nuts can captivate any toddler (not to mention the development of fine motor skills and the complete safety of toy tools in comparison with the real ones). And yes, girls will also be happy to tinker with such a toy, just try to offer her such a set of tools, rejecting all the ridiculous stereotypes.

Wigwam or tent

If the house of the table and blankets is already a stage for you (or you feel cold sleeping without blankets), it's time to get your own fabric real estate in the center of the room. A shelter from all adversity, a secret headquarters, a cozy reading corner - the tent has many purposes, and all are wonderful. Separately recommended for those who share their room with a child - so he will have at least a tiny inviolable personal space.

Rocking chair

A rocking horse, elk, or even a camel has a magical property to delight children about a year old (and also fits perfectly into the interior of a nursery). Now on the market, there are cool options not only from wood or plastic but even from thick cardboard!