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Home Design Tips: How To Improve Your Garage

Your garage is your best friend. Not only does it give you a place to house all of your tools, toys, and home improvement projects, but it also helps keep everything organized so that you can easily get what you need when you need it. That's pretty awesome, but if you want to improve your garage, here are some design tips.

1. Get garage cabinets

One of the best ways to improve your garage is by putting in a system of cabinets. Cabinets help you store a lot of different things, and they will also keep everything in one place so that when you need something out of your garage, you know where it is. However, just any old cabinet won't do when it comes to improving the design in your garage, so check out some ideas for getting custom cabinets installed in your home. You can look for ideas or use garagecabinets.com to make something customized to the size of your garage. Cabinets are a great idea because then you won't have to search through a messy garage, and you'll know where everything is so that it's easy to find.

2. Install a pegboard system

A lot of garages are full of things like rakes, shovels, and extension cords just hanging around on the wall. If this is your garage, you should consider getting a pegboard installed. A large piece of plywood with holes drilled in it allows you to hang items onto hooks or nails stuck into the board itself. The pegs will keep your tools and supplies organized and off the floor, which makes for better organization and an easier cleanup when whatever project you're working on is finished. You can paint or stain the wood if desired, and the pegboard can even be used in other rooms of your home. To ensure the installation is done correctly, see this local general contractor for help. They can help you find the right pegboard for your space and get it set up professionally so it looks great.

3. Make it a clean and uncluttered garage

A cluttered, dirty garage is no good for your home or your family's safety; you could cut yourself on a rusty old lawnmower or hurt your foot in an oil puddle that has collected in the corner next to the lawnmowers. It's important to keep everything in the garage picked up and organized so that when you're about to leave, you can make sure nothing dangerous has been collected while you were working there. Keeping things clean also means that when you go into the garage to work on something, it will be easy to find what you need without wasting time digging around through piles of junk.

4. Get good lighting

When you're working in a garage, it's important to have plenty of light. When you can see what you're doing without straining your eyes, the project will go a lot faster and easier. Try installing some new lighting in the garage so that there are good overhead lights as well as perhaps some work lamps along with wall-mounted lamps so that when you turn two or three of them on they provide great illumination over everything in the room. You'll be able to see every corner easily, which makes projects easy and even fun since it won't seem like such hard work anymore.

5. Add insulation

This is especially true if your garage isn't attached to your house, then it becomes an important part of keeping energy costs down as well as a safe place to keep your car. In colder weather, it can be cooler in the garage than in other parts of the house as well as outside too, so you need to do something about this if you want to use it as a living area or have expensive items stored there that might become damaged from the cold. Add insulation around the walls and ceilings so that heat doesn't escape through those places, and make sure all windows are double-paned, so they don't let out any heat no matter the temperature outside.  If you're not sure how to install insulation, hire a professional like iFoam for your insulation needs.

6. Use your imagination

If you work on cars, this might mean having an area where you can wash and wax your car without worrying about making a mess in the house. If you like to refinish furniture, this might mean having an area set aside where you can sand and stain pieces without fear of ruining something in the house. There's always a need for another workbench and plenty of storage for everything and anything that might be used around the home or elsewhere on the property. Your family can help you think of ways to make the garage more useful for everyone, and then you can all enjoy using it together.

So, now that you know a few ways to improve your garage, it's time to get started on making your home just a bit more perfect. By adding in some extra storage space, good lighting, insulation, and even a comfortable place to sit and take a break, you'll be able to turn your garage into the perfect spot for working and hanging out.