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Where to Buy Master Thesis: Guide for Students

Buy Master Thesis: Quick Guide

Students who are faced with the task of writing a master's thesis think of the option to buy a thesis sooner or later. This is a sound decision because this way you will have a high-quality thesis, which ensures you a high grade and a lot of extra time that you could have spent on the thesis writing. Therefore, you should better pay attention to the mycustomessay.com website if you want to have a thesis with a guarantee of the highest quality. In this article, we will tell you about all the options you should consider when buying a master's thesis online.

Where Can I Buy a Thesis

If you want to buy the fastest writer you have a few of them. The first is to turn to the freelance writer personally and the second is to use a specialized thesis writing platform. We will tell you in more detail about each of the options so that you can choose more easily.

Freelance writers: 

This type of thesis writer works individually without any supervision and doesn't belong to any thesis writing platforms. You can find them at freelance platforms such as Fiver or Upwork. Visit this web page if you need a comprehensive guide on the freelance platforms where students can find thesis writers. To find a writer you need to choose this kind of service and scroll through all the proposed candidates. At the online freelance platforms, you can look through the profile of each writer and decide which of them you like more. After you have chosen a writer you need to contact them personally and discuss the terms of your cooperation. Freelance writers work on individual terms and you should ask about the way they provide their services through a dialogue.

Thesis help platform: 

Thesis websites are specialized platforms that hire a bunch of writers who work at different thesis orders. Such writers are professionals who have experience and expertise. In contrast to freelance writers, you cannot choose a writer and talk to them personally. The writers at the specialized platforms work and a name and you cannot know the specific experience of the writer. However, your writer is chosen depending on the specific features and topic required for your thesis. The order is taken by the person who has the most relevant experience to the topic needed. Thesis help platforms offer different guarantees and are more reliable than solo freelance writers.

These are the most common options which are used by students who want to order thesis help. Yet, the specialized platforms are more preferred because of the money-back guarantee and proficiency of the writers.

How to Choose Thesis Writing Service

There is a limitless number of offers to buy a thesis on the web. Therefore you may need advice on how to choose the best one and not to lose your money and time. In the following list we will tell you the criteria you should rely on:
  • Evaluate pricing: make sure that the platform offers a reasonable price that is not too cheap or too expensive. Cheap services can signal a bad quality of the services provided. The average price is the best choice.

  • Research customer support: students are usually anxious about the progress of their thesis. Thus, they try to contact the writer or the customer support. The platform should state that there is a live chat or a possibility to contact customer support whenever you need it. It is a sign of a trustworthy platform that takes care of its customers.

  • Understand revision policies: revisions are pretty common in writing complex papers such as a thesis. Hence, you need to check the revision policy of the website. If they offer you the possibility to get the revision for free after some time after you order the thesis, it means that it is a fair platform. Thus, you will have no worries in case there are some mistakes or inaccuracies in your paper. On this website, you can find information on how to understand the revision requirements.

  • Verify plagiarism policies: the trustworthy platform should highlight the information about their plagiarism policies. It should state that the website offers a 100% unique thesis with no copying and with appropriate referencing. The absence of plagiarism is one of the signs of a decent company, which values academic integrity.

These are the main criteria you should rely on when looking through the dissertation writing website. To find all this information you should go to the “About” page and look for this information. Avoid the platforms that don't offer revision and plagiarism policies.

How to Hire a Thesis Writer

If you have decided on the platform it's time to hire a thesis writer. However, as we mentioned above, you can not talk to the writer in person. You need to place an order at the website of your choice. After that, you need to fill in the windows which require you to share the specific details of your order. Such details may include the number of pages, the deadline, and the formatting style. However, the main instructions should be uploaded in the specific sections in a dox., pdf., or png. format. You can upload anything: instructions, guidelines, rubrics, and any information from the professor. Namely, everything that can be helpful to the writer. This way, they will be able to create the perfect paper which meets all the requirements. After you place an order the writer at the platform will start working on it and will deliver it according to the deadline.