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FRIENDS vs Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Which One’s Better?

Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are two of the most iconic shows to ever exist. Both shows leave you in stitches, gasping for air as you laugh.

However, the question is, which of the two really takes the cake?

If you really wish to watch both of the shows, you can stream Friends on HBO Max and you can stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix.

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Now without wasting time. Here are the strengths of each of the shows that can help you determine the next binge watch saga.

What are the Strengths of FRIENDS as a show?

Friends could be seen as the pioneer of shows that are based on friendships and their importance.

Not only are the episodes funny but they are sometimes emotional and sentimental as well. Friends tackle different aspects such as motherhood and what problems you would have to face when you are romantically involved with people.

The show also depicts the midlife crisis that each of the characters goes through and it is very relatable for the audience around the same ages because they have very similar issues as well. The show also shows the dedication that each of the characters has to each other and how they would do absolutely anything for one another. The one-liners in the show are also enough to keep you laughing through the show.

In the show, they also show how difficult it is to be romantically involved with someone because of their ups and downs. It also motivates people to wait for the right person and when the time is right, they will come to you themselves, or “they’ll be your lobster”.

Not only is the friendship focused on all of them but it also shows the kind of “bromance” two guys would have, such is the case of Joey and Chandler and how they do absolutely everything together, how they get into troublesome situations together, and how they even find their way out of them together. Even the ladies make sure they emotionally support each other at all times, Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica always make sure to have each other's backs through the entirety of the show.

The Weaknesses of FRIENDS as a show

It should be known that it is not all sunshine and roses when it comes to Friends.

Some elements in the show make it not very effective as a sitcom. There are certain times in the show when you really have to force yourself to laugh because they are a bit awkward and “cringe”. This could especially be said about the first season where the show took off; there were times when the show just got too difficult to watch.

At certain times the show just got really homophobic, for instance in an episode where Ross wears a pink shirt, he is made fun of and is called gay for wearing it. Even though the show aired in the 90s, it could still be seen as something that is a sensitive matter.

There were also a lot of other behaviors that were very problematic in the show such as fat shaming Monica for her past, Rachel’s selfish behavior only to cater to her own romantic needs, Ross’ habit of cheating and then trying to justify it and the list goes on. However, it should be noted that these are things that fans just choose to ignore.

The Strengths of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a Show

In today’s era, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is surely one of the best sitcoms you could watch.

Andy Samberg has put a lot of life and soul into the character of Detective Jake Peralta. All the cold opens in the show make it very unique and it is one of the most unique elements of the show.

The show also made sure the cast was as diverse as possible with Latino actors, white actors, and black actors. All of them not only came and played their roles but they all are close friends in real life as well. The show also manages to talk about social issues such as feminism and equality, homophobia, police brutality, and racism. This makes the show very “woke”. The show also made sure to break stereotypes such as being buff doesn’t allow you to be a family man or have feminine interests as a man.

The show also shows how dedicated the colleagues are to each other even outside their jobs as police, for instance, Jake selling off his car (a Mustang, by the way) so he could pay off Terry’s debt, Charles taking a bullet for Rosa, and a lot more.

The Weaknesses of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Honestly speaking, Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t really have that many weaknesses to talk about. It can be seen that the show doesn’t really have anything that’s offensive but it really just makes sure there is diversity, inclusivity and there is dedication to your friends without things getting too problematic.

Wrapping Up

It is without a doubt that in this competition, Brooklyn Nine-Nine definitely takes the lead with its brilliant comedy, amazing friendships, and cover of social issues that society really needs to start catering to.