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5 Tips for Wearing Your Gamer Fandom with Style

If someone had told you ten years ago that gamer-nerd-chic was going to be as much of a transformative fashion movement as it is, you probably would not have believed a word they were saying.

After all, do people consider nerd or geek fashion a thing outside of Comic-Con events? The short answer is, mostly definitely! Nerd fashion typically includes checkers, plaid, and argyle coming in as the trifecta of school-nerd style – but there is more to this movement than just that.

If you are a nerd/geek/gamer, chances are you are looking for ways to wear your fandom with style. Luckily for you, this is the perfect article to help you do that.

Below are five tips for celebrating your inner fangirl or boy and letting them step out into the limelight:

Collared Shirts

Considered the holy grail of nerd-chic, a collared shirt will always help tie this look together.

Think Clark Kent-style vibes mixed with luxury streetwear. Thanks to millions of fans on social media, gamers have stepped up their fashion game by incorporating elements of cosplay into their ensembles.

Designer-collared shirts are a great choice for beginners who are trying to embrace this fashion trend.

Graphic Tees

It is the best time to be a nerd or gamer-geek. Once the butt of jokes, today there is almost a mutual exclusivity between gamers and geeks - and with the staggering number of nerdy billionaires, it is easy to see why.

Techy nerd jobs are all the rage these days, and a great way to show that you have a nerdy dimension to your fashion sense is by wearing a graphic tee with your favorite cartoon or gaming character on.

You will often see influencers and gamers embracing their favorite games or characters by embracing the graphic tee trend.

Gaming Socks

Add a pop of color to your outfit with gaming socks.

These socks are different from regular socks because they are designed with a gamer in mind. These socks are the perfect mix of gamer-chic and novelty socks.

Gamer-themed socks typically have elasticated cuffs and extra stretch for comfort during gameplay.


One of the most crucial components of a gaming outfit is the accessories.

Hats, caps, and badges with iconic video game characters or logos are non-negotiable.

The days of gamers only wearing oversized t-shirts are long gone and eSports athletes and streamers have fully integrated the world of video game fantasy with the real world.

Do not forget about staple gaming accessories like headphones – HyperX creates a popular line of gaming headsets loved by famous people around the world.


Never be afraid to wear a sweater emblazoned with words like “nerd” or “geek” – wear that label with pride. Look for slogan tees that embody the nerd culture and use them like a scientific formula when planning your next outfit choice.

Keep the slogan words clean - after all, it is about having fun and not about being offensive.

Gamer-chic fashion is here to stay, so look for clever ways to add it to your wardrobe today!