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3 Reasons You're Never Too Old For Kawaii Fashion

Sometimes people pretend like there's such a thing as getting too old to enjoy certain stuff, but we disagree. We feel like there's no age to enjoy things in life that make us happy, no matter what they are. It could be candy, it could be learning to paint, it could be coloring your hair in different colors and it could be fairy kei fashion.

In a world like ours, there are issues that people have to grapple with on a daily basis that we couldn't even imagine facing a few years ago. Stress levels are through the roof, the climate is in chaos, and society is still recovering from the aftereffects of the pandemic.

Doesn't it make sense to then take every opportunity to be happy and enjoy life, no matter what your age is? Keep reading for reasons why you're never too old for Kawaii fashion.

It’s Never Too Late

The notion that you even can be too old for something is beyond us - society has collectively started associating maturity and age to being grim and enjoying only boring things, but that's society's fault and not yours.

People grow up and change, and it isn't always from liking pink to waking up one day and deciding gray and brown are your jam. Sometimes, you realize that you like certain things that you didn't before, or didn't think to try before, and that's okay. If you're at a certain age and you realize you like Kawaii fashion, go for it. As long as you're still here and able to enjoy it, it's not too late!

You Have More Freedom Now

As young people, we often care a lot about other people's opinions of us. Even as children and teenagers, we might feel like we don't have a lot of control over what we wear. Peer pressure, parents, all these things have a huge influence on how we present ourselves, and sometimes that means not having the confidence to dress differently or experiment with our style.

Once you grow a little older you might even have money problems holding you back - but by the time society probably deems you "too old" for kawaii fashion is probably also the time when you're in the best position to start trying it out. You don't have to change your closet all at once and very dramatically either - just a few changes here and there to make your inner child happy never hurt anyone, and it certainly won't hurt your wallet a lot.

So when you're given the perfect opportunity to be free and be yourself, why not take it?

Ageism and Classism are Things of the Past

For a lot of young people, not having enough money to invest in Kawaii fashion is a huge barrier. This is why many have even argued that these fashion trends have been classist in the past, with people who like them spending years and years building up their wardrobes.

Though the happy news is that society seems to have grown out of this - with the growing popularity of Kawaii fashion, clothes that would be fit for the aesthetic are easier to come by and cost less.

At the same time, people have started to reject the idea that they are too old for Kawaii fashion, and the idea of ageism in general - gone are the days when it was acceptable to make fun of someone because of their age, or to tell people that they’re “too old” to wear or do something.